It’s Black-Owned Friday!

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Today I’m sharing 5 more black-owned businesses to celebrate Black History Month.  These businesses are unique showcasing everything from beauty to home goods, and food.

Adjourn Teahouse

LATONIA COKELY | I’m LaTonia. As a self-proclaimed tea lover, I began crafting a vision for a small tea and wellness brand as a teen in Richmond, VA more than 15 years ago.  Tea drinking was a major part of my upbringing.  Growing up, we routinely enjoy warmed apple juice, sleepytime tea, and the occasional hot toddy.  I am also from the south where sun teas and iced teas are huge on hot summer days.  My parents, rest their souls, led me to pursue the idea of starting a tea and candle shop as a high schooler in a business planning competition and I have been a tea lover/blender/drinker/maker ever since.   [source: Adjourn Teahouse]

Lady Lady + RimshotSunday Morning


ALEXIS SIMS | At Leaf Me, we are plant lovers and caregivers who feel passionately that everyone should have a healthy relationship with the earth and plants specifically. We encourage our fellow plant lovers to prioritize self care in order for us to thrive. [source: LeafMe]

Ocean Spider Plant + Calathea Beauty Star + Aglaonema Sparkling Sarah

Byndr Leather Goods

TONY DANIEL | I pride myself on being a self taught and sole-creator of all my leather goods. I carefully make each handmade item—from every cut to every stitch. Everything created in my Dallas based studio is made by my hands alone. My goal is to produce quality leather goods that you can enjoy for years to come. [source: BYNDR Leather Goods]

Spool Earbud Holder + Valet Tray + Stein Helix

Cadence Candle Co

TAELOR SALMON | Cadence Candle Co. was created to inspire and illuminate your world. Our 9 oz, soy blended candles are hand-poured with music, feeling, and individuality in mind. Our candles are crafted to enlighten a particular mood. Each candle scent is made with blended fragrances and is accompanied by a thoughtful, handcrafted music playlist (via QR scan). Life is a feeling and healing process, and the energy you can produce through scent and sound is therapeutic. We promote embracing your individuality and what makes you different. Stay True to who you are! Cadence creates the rhythm within music, and your individuality creates the Cadence within you. [source: Cadence Candle Co]

The World is Yours + Better Days + Levitate

Pholk Beauty

NIAMBI CACCHIOLI | As a women of color, I found myself often frustrated – and a little defensive – that even in the age of inclusive beauty many natural brands did not address  my specific concerns of dark spots, oily/combination skin, and ingrown hairs. Not to mention the high price points of green products.

Pholk Beauty grew out of my own sense of awe and gratitude at the timeless folk beauty and herbalist wisdom of my own kin, the cultivators and botanicals and minerals that have nourished our skin and souls for generations, and the multitude of ways that people of color infuse the globe with beauty [source: Pholk]

Glow Replinishing Face Wash + Hemp Night Treatment + Moringa Teatox Mask

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It’s Black-Owned Friday!

It’s Black-Owned Friday!

As always it’s important to support the smaller business because they make up a part of the community and the culture. I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Mine will be a busy one. — Peace —

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Header Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels