LBW is back With A Moving Update!

Hello Friends I’m back!  Welcome to the blog today.

How is everyone doing on this Happy Friday?  No, I didn’t run away, I’m still here post-move, tired, sore, and all the things.  Today I’m going to catch you up on the move, and everything else that’s happening.


My move went…well it just went.  Nothing was terrible mind you, it was just A LOT.  To move 11 years’ worth of stuff is difficult to say the very least.  I feel like it was rushed and even though I started packing weeks out I was still doing things at the last minute.

In the beginning stages of packing I was careful, I wrapped and labeled everything, so I knew where things were.  However, when it got down the wire (2-days out) I just put crap anywhere I could, any which way I could just to get it in a box, so the movers could take it.

The New Place

My new place is a duplex.  So it’s a townhome, on top of another townhome.  I know it sounds weird but we have such a weird footprint.  The high-rise condo was spacious but being in a 16-floor building during COVID and dealing with people, personalities, and building issues was (what I call) “the special sauce” (LOL).

Now it’s just my 3 neighbors and it seems pretty quiet.  This was place built circa 1996, so it’s older but not terribly old.  I will say it’s that it’s a neglected diamond you found in the mud.  You know it’s beautiful, you know it’s worth it just needs a GOOD cleaning.

What I Really Thought

When I came to view the place I thought…ok it’s a white box, but I can work with that.  Once I had the keys and walked through, I thought, whew!  This is going to need some love, by way of cleaning.

We had Handy come in, but she only scratched the surface.  I had to deep-deep clean, and I’m still cleaning.  Dust from these 10-foot window sills, the showers needed extra love, dust in the closets, neglected areas of the kitchen, I mean just everything.

♬ It’s Time to Go to Work Now ♬ What Kinda WorkHard Work

So I got to work … Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and you get it.  I’m still cleaning things I missed.  I will say, even though my knee swole up like a little balloon, and my back hurt, and I’m sleep deprived, that’s it’s the most peaceful here.

I wake up to birds chirping, and not trucks, and horns from I-95.  I’m in a sea of boxes but somehow there is security and comfort in knowing that while this place needed love, it’s that type of love that makes you comfortable.  Making your home a beautiful place to nest is a thing that I can’t explain.

How Did I Make It Shine

I also wanted to share the staples that you just can’t do without if your cleaning or moving into a new place.  So you know I had to make a little infographic right. (LOL). I love these…

Here is my list.  You can find all of these things on Amazon or Home Depot.

  • Rubber gloves + protect your hands!  Don’t be like me, I’m paying the price now.
  • Dawn power clean + great degreaser.  Just spray and let it work for about 5 min, then wipe and rinse
  • White Vinegar + add your essential oils and vinegar is a great all-purpose cleaner. You can also add this to laundry as a softener.
  • Drop Cloths + these have been a lifesaver for my tall windows.  They let in just the right amount of light and are made of very heavy cotton.  They are also great to put down when your working to protect your floor and furniture.
  • Peppermint Oil + It doesn’t have to be peppermint oil, but for cleaning, orange, or spruce smell great and keep away the ants and spiders.

  • Magic erasers (voodoo I tell you, they work on everything) Just get them damp and go to work.
  • Awesome Cleaner + works on everything from kitchens to baths, and floors.  Basically, if it’s dirty, this will clean it.
  • Little scrub brushes + These were a life-saver for small crevices, windowsills, shower-tracks, and any small area that needs scrubbing.
  • Oh, Yuk Jet Cleaner + personally I think jetted tubs are big monstrosities and a waste of space.  But since I have one there was no way I was getting into it (I still haven’t) without scrubbing it down.  This cleaner is great because it does all the work.

Some other things that have been helpful are bleach cleaner, shelf liner, mineral oil, Goo Gone, mini- tool kit, wall repair kit, grout paint and sealant, and toilet drop-ins.

It’s Mental

I had to get it out of my head that everything had to be done on moving day.  Hell, I might be happy if I could get it done in five days and unpack but these things take time and I figure what’s the rush.

I’m still unpacking, getting used to my space, and just trying to slow down and enjoy this new chapter instead of rushing to get it all done.

I hope my list is helpful if you’re moving, or if you’re just looking to do some Spring cleaning.  Thanks so much for visiting today, have a great weekend. — Peace

Header Photo by cottonbro from Pexels