Things That Feed My Soul

Hello Friends and welcome to the blog today!

Happy Wednesday friends.  I hope everyone is having a great hump day.  (Yes I said it…LOL)

I’ve really been trying to get back to a normal blogging schedule but it’s been difficult, due to me injuring my knee.  My plan wasn’t to let everything go but I really needed the rest and time to just get settled and make an attempt to unpack as much as I can.

I’m also still working a full-time telework schedule, so my days are filled with MS Teams meetings, and budgets and evenings have been about unpacking and settling in.


Now more than ever I feel like it’s important to stop, breathe and learn to reconnect with the things that give me balance and keep me sain.

Today I’m sharing a few things that help me feed my soul, and work me back to a more steady consistent schedule.


Feed Your Soul

Doing what feeds your soul is different for everyone and comes in all varieties.  For some people it’s a craft or DIY, for some it’s reading, for others it’s prayer.  In fact, feeding your soul is whatever you do to stay connected, to stay present, and to be in tune with what’s happening mentally and physically.

What This Looks Like for Me

For me, I connect with myself in several ways.  All of these are pretty mundane tasks but they do so much for me all allow me to stay grounded and help me to regain focus in difficult times.


My day begins and ends with prayer but I fell off of my Bible studies for several months.  Getting caught up in my feelings and letting them dictate my actions instead of finding some balance with the word was just one of the things I was missing.

To help feed my soul my bible studies are key because I incorporate the context, what they mean to me, and how I can incorporate this into my life.  Spending 1-hour in this practice is the best medicine for what ails me.


I know people think of cleaning as this mundane task but there is something about concentrating on that one thing that allows me to connect.

I can take something that’s out of sorts, and bring it back to life again.  Cleaning is where I can find satisfaction and a little pride in taking care of my home and making it pleasant.

Giving Life

I’ve grown to love doing this at least once a month, and it makes me feel good when I see little buds growing amongst the chaos.

Weeding out what’s dying, turning the soil,  giving them water, and changing the positioning.   In times of stress, and frustration … how does your garden grow?  It shows me that no matter what, life is the thing that keeps humming, and I need to move the rhythm.

Me Time

I’m a big advocate for self-care.  On weekends I’ll always do a face mask and a hot bath.  I may also deep condition or just do something special for myself.

Taking care of your body is not a selfish act.  It’s important for your well-being to take care of your physical house, and you’re spiritual one.  It soothes my senses and feeds my soul.

Sunday Dinner

I don’t cook much throughout the week so I always try to make Sunday dinner.  Sunday dinner for black folks was a means of fellowship with family and friends.  It was a way to stay connected to the community while serving others, who couldn’t get a home-cooked meal.

Nothing says love like a home-cooked meal, and folks have been bonding over good food for decades.  I don’t go all out with several sides and an elaborate main dish, but I like to make something to help end my weekend, as well as start my week.

“Sunday dinners are good for the soul.”

Thanks so much for visiting the blog today.  Don’t forget to follow the blog, and comment on some of the things you do that feed your soul and gain balance. — Peace —


Header Photo by Ellieelien on Unsplash