It’s Black-Owned Friday!

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Today I’m sharing 5 more black-owned businesses to celebrate Black History Month.  These businesses are unique showcasing everything from beauty to home goods, and food.


Zach & Zoe

SUMMER & KAM JOHNSON | After months of research and coaxing by our local beekeeping friends, we decided to take the plunge and officially start our journey as beekeepers BUT doing it the right way. No pesticides. No additives. Just PURE, RAW HONEY from bees that we value, nurture, and love. Nothing more. [source: Zach & Zoe]

Wildflower Bee Pollen + Wildflower Honey w/Ginger RootWildflower Honeycomb


Brave + Kind Bookshop

BUNNIE HILLIARD | Bunnie Hilliard is the owner of Brave and Kind Bookshop in Decatur. After her own children began to attend school full time, Hilliard asked herself what the next chapter of her life held in store. The answer was a children’s bookshop that focused on sharing stories about a diverse range of characters. [source:]

Prince [Little People, Big Dreams] + Ambitious Girl + The Camping Trip

Nude Barre

Nude Barre

ERIN CARPENTER | In all stages of my dance career, I have experienced the hardships of not finding hosiery that matched my skin tone.  We were required to wear nude undergarments as a part of our uniform and therefore spent hours dying/spray painting tights and shoes as most hosiery brands did not produce the appropriate shade of nude.  This was a too common complaint of the wardrobe departments of many castings and productions that I have been a part of.  Sadly, the dying method was a luxury not often afforded to projects due to budget constraints and the laborious process.  As a result, many women, of all races, were left feeling uncomfortable and unprepared to perform.  This was the origin of Nude Barre in 2009. [source: Nude Barre]

Seamless Boy Shorts + What’s Your Color? Swatches + Footed Opaque Tights


A Dozen Cousins 

IBRAHEEM BASIR | Growing up our kitchen was a delicious pot of Creole, Caribbean, and Latin American cooking. As I got older I learned the importance of eating naturally.  I hated that it was so hard to find convenient foods that were both healthy and authentic.  I started A Dozen Cousins so that it would be to enjoy authentic cultural recipes made with wholesome ingredients.

The brand name was inspired by my daughter, her 11 cousins, and all the great family dinners we enjoy together. [source: A Dozen Cousins)

2022 UPDATE:  A Dozen Cousins is available at Harris Teeter and select Safeway stores.  I’ve purchased these several times and they are delicious.

Tri Chickpea Curry + Creole Red Beans + Classic Refried Pinto Beans


Good Vibes

YMANI EFUNYALE | Ymani’s journey to launching Good Vibes began back in 2006 when she started making her own household cleaning products. One day, while doing chores, she left a spray bottle of a “green” cleaning product on the kitchen table. She turned her back for one moment and her (then), two-year-old son put the trigger in his mouth and sprayed it. What followed was a very scary asthma attack. As she nursed him through it, she knew she had to make some changes. In 2016, a friend witnessed her making her cleaning products and asked if she could make a cleaning product that smelled like incense. Ymani said yes and Good Vibes All Purpose Cleaner was born. [source: SheRaise]

So Phresh Cleaner + Good Vibes Cleaning Set + Nag Champa Cleaner

I hope you liked my shortlist today.  I think it’s important to support the smaller business because they make up a part of the community and the culture. Stay tuned next week for more Black-owned businesses and a round-up for the month of February.

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Header Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels