Monday Journal: REPOST 52 List for Calm, #20

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Hello, my family, and Happy Monday!  Today I’m going to do something that I don’t do very often, and that’s a repost.  I’m going to revisit a post I did in my journal called 52 List for Calm.

If you have no clue what I’m talking about check out the backstory and information on Moorea Seal’s 52 List Series —–> RIGHT HERE.

So here we go…REPOST List #20, 52 Lists for Calm


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List #20 is a MOTIVATION PRACTICE to help show you that you have the capacity for change under most circumstances.  The past does dictate many things, but the present is a chance to make things new and make your life and circumstances a little bit better than they were in the past.

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Working through the exercise … 


When I was younger, (let’s say my 20s), I was so green.  Everything was new and beautiful and I was so trusting.  I thought that people were nice (just because), and that folks don’t set out to hurt you on purpose. I had a lot to learn. 

Ok so let me clarify “on purpose”. Do I believe that people deliberately set out to hurt you? … NO. What I do believe is that misery loves company and when folks are unhappy they sometimes set out to make others feel the same so they are not alone. 

Yes, that’s a crappy way to pull yourself out of your misery but I don’t think that some people know any better.  Maybe they aren’t equipped with the right tools. You are the master of your own destiny (and with prayer and love), it is YOU that must decide that your unhappiness does not dictate who you are.

I also learned that I had to love myself, because everything starts with love, and if you don’t love yourself enough to do better, then you set yourself on the destructive path to make others feel the way you do. (Misery loves company)

I know that I have the capacity to make changes in my life to make it better than it was.  To live better, to love better, and to be true to me, which isn’t selfish.  Self-love is essential for EVERYONE. So what’s the thing that I need to do to make today better than tomorrow.  Knowing myself … knowing that each day is new, and each day is a chance to make changes in my life that will impact my future.

“Do everything in love.” — 1 Corinthians  16:14

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What’s in your toolkit?


Office Group ... Good ObjectsI have a toolkit.  This is not like your average kit with physical tools for work, but one that’s written, to help me get back on track and gain focus through difficult times.  This kit isn’t something that’s going to immediately stop the pain or keep me from crying.  On the contrary, I need to feel that pain, I need to cry, and help purge my system.

What’s a toolkit?  For me, it’s a list of positive affirmations, activities to work on, maybe adding meditation or yoga in the evenings, a list of crafts and projects, or even a writing schedule, so I can work out what’s happening, no matter how hard it is.   Everyone’s toolkit is different and catered to the needs of helping yourself get through that rough patch.

What calms your mind


GoodObjects_HealingDo you have trouble calming your mind? What tools do you have that help you ease your mind in these stressful times?  Check-in with your senses, and start with a simple commitment to yourself to be your best self.  With that, I’ll end this here.  Again … thanks for hanging with me today, and as always. — Know Thyself —

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