52 List Series

This is an archive page dedicated to the 52 List for Calm on Life by Wyetha, posted every Monday.

WHAT IS THE 52 LIST FOR CALM JOURNAL  … LET’S RECAP:  These journaling exercises within the 52 List of Calm require you to quiet the mind and focus on your senses.  Maybe a favorite task, smell, or a change in your environment can trigger your calm, and give you balance.


BACKSTORY: 52 List of Calm …

The 52 List of Calm by Moorea Seal is a companion to the 52 List for Happiness Journal.  Here is a little backstory.

FROM AMAZON | For fans of the bestselling 52 Lists series and anyone looking to bring more peace and calm into their lives (and who isn’t, in our current age of anxiety?), this journal includes lists and tips specially designed to soothe the stressed-out soul.

“Journaling, writing, and blogging, can be the best medicine for calmness. It quiets the mind and organizes your thoughts. It’s been the number thing to help me over some hurdles in life.  Whether I’m talking to an audience of one of 1001, it feels good to get this out of my system, and onto a platform where it might benefit someone else on their journey.”

Monday Calm Journal Progress

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