A Thanksgiving Holiday Break

Hello Friends and welcome to the blog today.  


Hello friends and happy Thanksgiving.  I hope everyone is having a safe one.  The Fall and winter have always been special for me, but it’s also a time when I take time for myself, and just to enjoy the day, rather than just talk about it.

So I’m taking some time away (well Wednesday-Friday), to be off the blog off Instagram, and off Pinterest to just relax.  Now I know you thinking … hey Wye your posting you took the time to write this, and that would all be true.  But, herein lies the magic of technology, as this post was created days before so I can truly take some time off.

With that being said, I’m not just going to leave you high and dry, so I’m re-posting some popular posts for the holiday today and Friday.

This post from last year is all about Thanksgiving holiday essentials so you can work smarter and not harder in the kitchen.

Thanksgiving Holiday Essentials

Last year I knew I was hosting Thanksgiving, so I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond (last minute) looking for extra baking dishes and accessories.  Needless to say, I didn’t find anything I needed so for all my holidays to come I wanted to make sure I had all the essentials to avoid stores 2 days before the holiday.

I’ve curated this wish list of a few staple items that will help anyone dress a simple table and prepare and store your holiday dinner.

Holiday Kitche Essentials

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Watercolor Cooking Clipart - Pots and PansI have a few staples for my cookware but everything goes in the oven. A few basics to start with are a large pot or dutch oven, a large skillet, a roasting pan with a rack, and one small pot to simmer gravies or sauces. Some great but pricey brands are Calphalon, Cuisinart, and Viking. A cheaper alternative is Faberware, or Cooks Standard.

Bake Warepie_baking

I’ve been to so many stores looking at a pieces here or a piece there but I really need a complete set of bakeware like the old-school Corning Ware, or Pyrex sets.

tablesettingTable Decor

You really don’t need much for a simple classic table.  Some chargers, placemats, a runner, napkins, and fresh flowers can really make the difference.  You can go the extra mile by adding little pumpkins to each plate, mini wreaths.

Food Storage

Now that I’ve made this fantastic dinner, I’m searing high and low to store everything. It’s really a struggle when nothing fits your fridge and everything is pieced together from some sort of set where the pieces are missing. This time we got glass storage, and along with what we currently have.  Leftovers are covered…literally.

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Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

Here are just a few table decor ideas that I’ve pulled from Pinterest.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today and don’t forget to subscribe for more so you don’t miss a single post.  Happy Thanksgiving Family!  – Peace –

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