I Made Faux Leather Book Cover!

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When I started working on my doll furniture I ordered (what I thought was) 1 yard of faux leather fabric.  Turns out my measurements maybe a little off because this is what came in the mail. It’s as tall as me! No matter … this means that I can make “all the things”. (LOL)

Faux Leather Skeen

Today’s, inspiration comes from the Dream A Little Bigger blog.  I figured I could use this same method to cover my Bible. Why would I want to cover my Bible … because it’s an NVC Children’s Bible.  (LOL) Ok-Ok I do have an “adult” version, but this one is so fun to read and breaks everything down so even I can understand it.  But, it’s old and I thought I could give it a nice cover and make it look nice, and blend in with my decor.

NVC Children's Bible

Make It!

materials book cover (1)

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First Things First…

I measured out the faux leather fabric to the size of my book but leaving enough for a flap.  Once everything is measured out, I made a pocket.  This is where the front of the Bible will sit.  Since there is no space to string this book from the spine (which is what Dream A Little Bigger blog recommends).  I’m creating this pocket so that the cover won’t wiggle around.

Faux Leather Book1


Faux Leather Book2

I’m also cutting the back flap into a curve (sorta) so when the book is closed it will have more of a rugged journal feel with the suede string that wraps around it.

Taking Shape …

Once everything is cut I attempted to use the leather fabric glue for the folds, however that didn’t work because I’m not working with real leather, so I ended up using my glue gun. I also had a bit of trouble getting the flap curves cut correctly but it’s done.

Faux Leather Book3


Faux Leather Book3


Faux Leather Book4

Second I’m punching a hole in the back flap (where I will string my suede.  The one thing that I don’t like is that it’s hard to make this faux leather really taut so there are some bulges on the spine.  If I were using real leather I imagine I wouldn’t see that.  I can (more than likely) correct this with some fabric tape to help smooth this out.  This book will be closed about 75% of the time so this will have to do.

Faux Leather Book5


Faux Leather Book6

Finish Line …

I wasn’t able to personalize this cover as planned.  When I tried to stamp this, the faux leather puffed right back up, making no indention.  Also, this material is lined. This is why I had no issues in stamping my candle sleeve or the keychain. That material is real leather, and now understand the difference when it comes to working these two materials.

Faux Leather Book8

Here’s How It Turned Out …

Not bad for my first try.  I think if I had this to do over again I would probably cover this book the traditional way.  Just like a textbook.  The string to wrap it probably works best on a notebook like in the inspiration link, but I figured I would try something different.

Faux Leather Book Cover1

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Faux Leather Book Cover1

Here is where I’ll leave you today.  Are you making something this weekend? Reading a good book, or cooking something yummy?  Share it in the comments section.  I hope everyone has a great weekend, and stay safe amongst the chaos. — Peace

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