Get to Know Me, 2020!

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I think everyone that blogs, at some point or another, has done a “Get To Know Me” post, and I’m no exception. With that said I’ve been getting in the habit of posting this tag every year. [2019, 2018]


Backstory …

This list originally came “to me” from a website called Kaboodle. That would probably be the one thing I miss most on social media. Kaboodle launched around 2005, but at some point was acquired by Hearst Women’s Network, [2014], and went downhill from there, eventually shutting down the platform altogether.

It lost its people, community, and personal touch.  Kaboodle was a site to make wish lists, fashion boards, questionnaires, and your own personal blog. I was an Ambassador for 3 years, and every holiday I would post what was trending in holiday gifts. I would get swag and payment for my posts which were AWESOME! After the switch, Kaboodle staff started leaving, then three months later the entire site was dissolved.

While silly in some ways, I thought this list was important because it highlighted a happier time in my life, and that would have been forgotten if it wasn’t for this. Being allowed the freedom to create opens you up to all sorts of possibilities and I’m grateful for that experience.

Stop Rambling Already …

Ok so let’s get into the “Get To Know Me” questions for 2020.  I haven’t #tagged any bloggers [per-say], but if your reading this then consider yourself tagged, and join in on the fun.


For the Friends …

It’s no fun to have this “Get To Know Me” without sharing some of the love so I created this blank template so you can share it on your blog or other social media.  Just click on the image to open the PDF file and be sure to link this back to Life By Wyetha.

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