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52 Lists for Calm, #16

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Hello to all the beautiful friends, and Happy Monday!   Did you have a good weekend?  Are you getting crazy storms in your corner of the world? It’s that August weather.    

So it’s been 3-weeks and counting, and I’m proud of me, (Pats on the back all around) that I’ve been continuing with my —- let’s see what am I calling it, Wye’s LifeCast.  Not sure if that name is catchy but it’s all I’ve got for now. (LOL)  Any-who, I’m glad that I’ve kept it going, and here is this week’s little diddy.

“Wye’s LifeCast”

Today I’m working through List #16 of the 52 List for Calm. If your new to my blog and this series, check out the backstory and information on Moorea Seal’s 52 List Series —–> RIGHT HERE.


But first an update on List #14 …

My goal was to find something that brings calmness to my heart and soul and allow that object to be my anchor.  Unfortunately, I still haven’t found that thing, but maybe I haven’t looked deep enough.  I was hoping that something would just jump out at me, and immediately give me the feeling of calm, however, is invoking calm, so the search continues.

Let’s get into list #16

52 List for Calm_16

List #16 is an AFFIRMATION EXERCISE to help overcome the stress and anxiety that you may feel when you’re going through a rough time. This exercise asks that you draw from your past experiences of overcoming something difficult to pull you through your current situation.

Working through the exercise … 

When you’re going through something, you may think that it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened and that you’ll never get through it but I’m here to tell you, that time heals those wounds. 

Losing a pet doesn’t tip the scales on some people’s radar but the grief was so overwhelming there were days where it felt like my chest would burst.  It was like coming out of my skin and I couldn’t focus, but gradually, eventually … little by little, I started to heal.  Things got better, and I was better for the experience.  I can think back on my boy with fondness.  My girls passing is still a tender spot, but we can remember all the things that made them special. We overcame.

Life can be hard and sometimes these experiences (although you don’t feel it at the time) are God’s way of preparing you, teaching you and showing you how strong you are, and how special you are.  He doesn’t make mistakes or take pleasure in your suffering, so use these experiences as something to draw on.

Sometimes we don’t want to remember those hard times, sometimes it’s unbearable and I don’t know how I got through it.  All I can remember is that I prayed to be healed, I wrote it down, took the help of friends, or took up a new hobby or craft.  These are all the things that I keep in my “healing” toolkit.  Throughout my life, I will add to this toolkit and draw on it when I need to get through those difficult situations.

“The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. — Psalm 9:9-10 

What’s in your toolkit?

I have a toolkit.  This is not like your average kit with physical tools for work, but one that’s written, to help me get back on track and gain focus through difficult times.  This kit isn’t something that’s going to immediately stop the pain or keep me from crying.  On the contrary, I need to feel that pain, I need to cry, and help purge my system.

What’s a toolkit?  For me, it’s a list of positive affirmations, activities to work on, maybe adding meditation or yoga in the evenings, a list of crafts and projects, or even a writing schedule, so I can work out what’s happening, no matter how hard it is.   Everyone’s toolkit is different and catered to the needs of helping yourself get through that rough patch.

What calms your mind …

Do you have trouble calming your mind? What tools do you have that help you ease your mind in these stressful times?  Check-in with your senses, and start with a simple commitment to yourself to be your best self.  With that, I’ll end this here.  Again … thanks for hanging with me today, and as always. — Know Thyself —

Know Thyself Art …

It’s been my mantra (or manifesto) at the end of every chat to say “Know Thyself”.  The phrase is not a new concept but one I’ve adapted and held near to me.  Know Thyself has many meanings to people, for me it means … know your limitations,  know who you are, know your boundaries… know thyself.  So of course I made this little piece.

Know Thyself Printable

It’s not elaborate, just the simple words on a white background. Feel free to download this 8 1/2 x 11 image for yourself.  If a quote or a few words motivate you then write it down, make it an affirmation or turn it into a printable so you can see it every day.

Know Thyself Merch …

UPDATE:  My “Know Thyself merch is now available on Bonfire.  Get your Know Thyself T-shirt here —- https://www.bonfire.com/34know-thyself34/

Yoga for Calmness

Chilled Vibes to Listen To

Looking for chilled mellow music to listen to while you study, work, or relax.  Check out Jazz Hope Cafe on YouTube.

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