New Doll Miniature Leather Sofa DIY … Part 2

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Today is Part 2 of my BJD sofa and the reveal.  I’m really excited to share this with you because this will be the first time that I was semi-successful in a furniture build.  If you missed Part 1 of how this humble little project began … I’ll link that here —> Part 1.

Starting with the feet supports …


I started with the supports because at the time my fabric hadn’t arrived and I wanted to have this part completed.  For this, I cut down some extra cardboard and wrapped that around the existing front and sides as the back wouldn’t be seen.  I wanted a smooth finish for painting.

Once I cut down all the cardboard sides, I glued them to the footings and painted them with black chalk paint.  Now they were ready to add to the bottom once I completed the fabric portion.

Adding the fabric …

I just knew this would be the easy part of the project because it’s just adding fabric.  Wrong … I had to be mindful of how I wrapped this so it wouldn’t mimic a gift.  Figuring out where I could and couldn’t add the batting was also a little challenging, but I made it work.


I took this one section at a time and after I glued a section I taped it down to help it adhere better.  Once everything was covered I used the same strong-bond hot glue to attach the back to the bottom seat, and the footings to the bottom.


This is where I learned that sewing pins are my best friend.  I still have a couple of edges held with sewing pins (as a temporary solution), because I want to get some upholstery tacks to finish everything.


Making Pillows …

This was actually easy.  Although I haven’t sewn anything in a while this was really a quick sew job.  I thought about using fabric glue but I couldn’t find it, and this worked out just as well.


When I added the cushions to the sofa they kept sliding off, so it was sewing pins to the rescue again.  I just pushed the pins in through the back pillows, down into the seat.  Now they’re not budging.

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Here’s how it turned out! 

Although it has it’s rough spots I like how this turned out.  It’s a lot less intimidating once the work is behind you.




Lesson Learned …

When I decide on my next furniture piece I know to use small upholstery tacks for everything that can’t be glued down.  Also, in hindsight, I probably would make the back support taller, but those are minor details.  I’m just happy that I started this project and pushed it to the end.

The End

From this …

nextproject-bjd sofa

To this …


Comes this …


Here is where I’ll leave you today.  Are you making something this weekend? Reading a good book, or cooking something yummy?  Share it in the comments section.  I hope everyone has a great weekend, and stay safe amongst the chaos. — Peace

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