DIY Leather Key Chain

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It’s Friday y’all, and I hope everyone had a good week.  Everyone OK? You managing … hey, that’s all we can do right, and be blessed.

My week has been better. Actually every day is better, and I can’t be mad at that. Today’s is another leather DIY, and I’m making a key chain (or circle).  I had this all worked out in my head, but I forgot how thick my leather was so I had to board the struggle bus to complete this one. (LOL)


Make It!

materials sheet
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How I Did It

First I drew this out in my planner because I was working with a small remaining piece left over from my candle sleeve. I drew everything out and began cutting.  What I didn’t bank on was how difficult it would be to cut this shape.


In the previous DIY, I had scored the leather with a Xacto knife so I had a nice straight scoreline to work with.  I went from craft scissors to my Fiskars sewing scissors, which seemed to do the trick.  I’ve always struggled with cutting things in any kind of shape and they usually come out a bit crude.  I didn’t let that stop me so I kept working.


After cutting it was time to stamp the letters.  What I learned, is that a regular ole hammer works best on thick leather, my first try I used the rubber mallet, and as soon as I glued my shape, the letters disappeared into it.


The Letters

So I used a regular hammer to work the letters, and went over them a few times, after that, I folded my shape and put it through the keyring, and then applied a generous amount of glue to one side.  

For my letters, on one side of the circle, it says keys and on the other side, I put M T for Maxy & Trinity … our departed pet family.  Rest in Love.

leather rules

It’s Done!

I used a hair clip (or you can use binder clips but I couldn’t find any) to hold my work together until the glue dried which only takes a few hours. Then it was done and ready to use.

leather key



image pin

Upcoming Project!

I know you’re wondering what am I doing with this cardboard.  (Which came from my IKEA cabinets) Well, this cardboard is the perfect foundation to make a miniature sofa for my BJD’s. (Ball-jointed dolls) Now that being said I know this will take a minute because I have to order some cheap fabric and batting, so stay tuned.

nextproject-bjd sofa

Sharing is Caring

Staging pictures for your finished project can be a pain, and find the right background, and lighting can add to those issues, but I’ve got an easier way.  I purchased this marble background from Ink & Elm a few years ago, and it’s not as expensive as you think.

So if your looking for backgrounds for items your selling like jewelry or backgrounds for those dishes you make and you want to post on your social media then check out Ink & Elm.  They have hundreds of styles in assorted sizes and they start at about $14.95.

Here are a few images (I use this background whenever I stage) where I’ve used the Ink & Elm Backdrop, in the marble print.

With that, I’ll end my post today.  Are you making something this weekend? Heading out of town?  Share it in the comment section.  I hope everyone has a great weekend, and stay safe amongst the chaos. — Peace

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