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Hello Friends, and Happy Friday!  I hope you’ve had a good week, and I hope everyone is doing well.

My week has been up and down and my daughter and I are managing.  I’ve made a few posts via Facebook as I’ve started tell more friends about the passing of our beloved pet … Trinity. To help pass the time I’ve been reading, writing in my calm journal and working on some small DIY’s.

Today’s DIY is a leather candle sleeve.  I first saw this DIY earlier this year via Xo, MaCenna on YouTube, and I thought that looks so great and it’s the “new” style I’ve been trying to encompass in my decor.  To work leather you need a few tools.  So in total, I spent $27 dollars for a leather punch and letter stamping tools which will come in handy for some future projects.  Everything else I had on hand.


Make It!

Materials for leather sleeve
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First things first … my “dud” candle.  Several years ago 3 to be exact I purchased a candle for the beloved Fall season called “Mahogany Woods”. I thought the candle smelled fantastic, but now in retrospect I know it was the candle it was next too (that I was smelling) because once I got it home and burned it, I smelled like nothing. So for years, I’ve held onto this candle as a light source.

When I decided to do this project my thinking was this is a great way to up-cycle that “dud” candle and give it some scent.  I have several essential oils for my diffuser, so I figured I would combine a few that reminded me of Fall.


Unfortunately, I don’t have Cedarwood so I’m working with Frankincense, Bergamot, Cinnamon, and Sweet Orange to replicate something like Fall. (LOL).  I’ve melted down the wax (as much as I could without losing the wick) and added a few drops of each. (More like 8, because it’s a larger 3-wick candle)

Let’s Cut!

First I lined up the leather to the candle so it would be the right height and cut off the excess.  From that excess, I cut a small strip that would be the lace of the sleeve. Purchased brown suede shoestring from Michael’s instead, because this leather was so thick.






NOTE:  The xacto knife wouldn’t work for this leather because it was too thick, so I scored the leather with that knife so I would have a straight line then cut it with scissors.

Personalize It!

While searching on my favorite spot (Pinterest) for other leather DIY’s I came across several leather candle and vase sleeves.  One in particular from Yellow Brick Home was personalized with an alphabet punch.

Suddenly the skies parted and I thought of all the things I can do with leather and suede with these tools.  Again I came out of pocket a total of $27 for this whole project, so it was worth it.

This just makes this whole project so nice, and since we are all home for most of the year I have plenty of time to make some gifts for the holidays.  It’s a win-win in my book.


Yellow Brick Home suggested centering your words by starting with the middle letter (if you have an uneven amount).

From here I punched out everything.  I didn’t have a rubber mallet for this, so I used a regular hammer, but a rubber mallet would have made less noise.  So I picked up one because I hammered these a little more so I could have a deep imprint.


Punching the Holes!

The leather punch I purchased comes with a ruler, and a marker didn’t come in time from Amazon, so I picked up one from Michael’s.  I flipped this on the backside and used a marker to mark my holes (about a half-inch) apart for a total of 3 holes on each side) then punched.




I laced my sleeve just like shoelaces, and THAT’S IT!


This project took 2 days because I wanted to up-cycle the candle and I had to wait for my tools to arrive. I love, love, love how this turned out and I can’t wait to make a few more.  I already have more leather scraps in my shopping cart. (LOL)


With that, I’ll end my post today, I want to “shout-out” to Yellow Brick Home (#notsponsored) for the inspiration.  Their home is beautiful, so check them out.  I hope everyone has a great weekend, and stay safe amongst the chaos. — Peace

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