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MONDAY: 52 List for Calm

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Happy Monday Family!  I hope everyone had a great weekend, as we move into the second to last week of July. It was hot-hot-hot last week in the DMV, and my daughter and I did venture out as we are still looking for furniture.  It was frustrating because we are trying to make our work-at-home environment more functional (so is everyone) and IKEA was is out of just about everything.  No matter what PEOPLE ARE SHOPPING.

“Blessed shalt thou be when thou comest in, and blessed shalt thou be when thou goest out.” …Deuteronomy 28:6

Today I’m still working through my Calm journal but I’m passing on #8 and moving onto List #9. I don’t want my post to continue to have the same language (but they do) so I’ve dedicated a page with some backstory and information for Moorea Seal’s 52 List Series —–> You can see that page here.


Let’s get into list #9


This is a create and express exercise about listing what stress relieving tasks are currently working for you. The “tool kit” mentioned is basically a summary of a few things to be aware of that trigger your stress and ways that you have listed to manage that stress.

UP-FRONT DISCLAIMER … I am not a professional and I don’t claim that myself or this book can cure everything that you are experiencing so if your stress is beyond a few writing exercises then please seek professional help.  These resources as well as some outreach, books, groups, podcasts, and hotlines are listed in the book as a reference. 

Also check out these online therapists at  7cups.com, Betterhelp.com, and Talkspace.com which may be covered by your health insurance plan.

There have been so many exercises, and tasks that I’ve done over time to help calm myself when it comes to stress. Our current climate has been one of the most stressful times.  Not knowing if there is going to be an ending, not seeing loved-ones, as usual, can add to the stress, but when your hurting for some other unforeseen reason, it’s worse.

For people to not be able to hug one another, or just being about to hold some one’s hand while they cry, makes my heart sink.  Being stressed-out shouldn’t be this embarrassing thing that you hide. You should be able to cry and feel your feelings without being ashamed because believe or not it helps to get it out int he open.  Crying helps me purge it and work through my problem.

I’ve talked to a therapist I’ve had a psychiatrist, and I can actually say that I prefer the therapist because I don’t want a drug to make me happy.  On the other side of that coin that may be what someone needs who is struggling. And if you need that help … PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE talk to someone.

My Stress

My stress comes and goes, making my digital abstract art helps, talking with friends, listening to music, coloring, or whatever I need to do get my head out of the space it’s in and focus on something else until I’m ready to deal with my stress.

Stress for me can go two ways, I either deal with it head-on or a tuck it away because that’s best.  In the past, I could just stay in my bed all day and pretend like it didn’t exist but that’s not living.  Sometimes it’s all in my head and the situation that I thought was terrible, wasn’t so bad but I didn’t know that until I put my big-girl pants on and dealt with it.

The mind is so powerful.  You can manifest beautiful things, confusion, or terrible things.  God designed us in such a unique way, and in doing so gave us the ability to help ourselves. And when we can’t,  when it gets beyond us, it’s then that you have to decide to seek help.  There’s nothing shameful in counsel, and for me it was, what I needed at that time and beneficial to my mental health.

What Calms Your Mind …

Do you have trouble calming your mind? What tools do you have that help you ease your mind in these stressful times?  Check-in with your senses, and start with a simple commitment to yourself to be your best self.  With that, I’ll end this here.  Again … thanks for hanging with me today, and as always. — Know Thyself —

Know Thyself Art …

It’s been my mantra (or manifesto) at the end of every chat to say “Know Thyself”.  The phrase is not a new concept but one I’ve adapted and held near to me.  Know Thyself has many meanings to people, for me it means know your limitations, know who you are, know your boundaries … know thyself. So of course I made this little piece.

know header

It’s not elaborate, just the simple words on a white background. Feel free to download this 8 1/2 x 11 image for yourself.  If a quote or a few words motivate you then write it down, make it an affirmation or turn it into a printable so you can see it every day.

Yoga for Calmness

Chilled Vibes to Listen To

Looking for chilled mellow music to listen to while you study, work, or relax.  Check out Chilled Cow on YouTube.

Chilled Cow


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