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MONDAY: List of Calm #3 Exercise

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Today I am going talk about an exercise in the 52 List for Calm Journal.  I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not to make this 52 List topic a part of my weekly podcast, because I was coming off of the 52 List for Happiness.

It’s always good practice to reassess what’s happening in your life and what changes you want to make but I wanted to start fresh.  I figured this time around I would only talk about a list that I thought was helpful for everyone, and List #3 in this journal caught my eye.

With that said today I’m talking about … List #3 which asks … List the ways that you tend to feel stress in your body.

This list spoke to me, because I am guilty of holding stress in my body.  It shows in the way I walk, the way I stand, my sleeping habits, and why I always feel so tense.

I typically carry or hold stress in my…

  • Lower back
  • Neck and shoulders, and
  • Hips

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Sometimes I feel like I’m carrying the weight of the world (literally) on my shoulders, and with everything happening it’s just adds more anxiety to the cooking pot.  I want to acknowledge that life happens and sometimes I don’t deal with it the correct way.

I tend to let my brain take over and make assumptions vs. prayer and following Gods plan for me.  Sometimes it feel like it’s hard to sit still and I need to do … “x” amount of things to make up for it.

In times like these I know that I need peace, and to be still, and quiet.  If my body can relax, then my mind can relax and that feeling spreads all over my body creating this warmth and sense of security.  I can come out of my relaxation exercise with a clearer head, and a new perspective.

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This exercise comes from the journal and it’s one that I use to do with the Calm App but now I’m sharing this one with you.

Relaxation Practice_I hope this exercise help you to check in with you body and acknowledge that stress is a part of life, but not a part that need to completely and totally consume our lives.

With that I’ll end this here.  Again … thanks for hanging with me today, and if you haven’t subscribed to Life by Wyetha, then get on it … and join the family.  I would love to have you at my virtual table … and as always. — Know Thyself —

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