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Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  I hope everyone takes the time to get out and take advantage of what your city or town has to offer on this day of remembrance.  Today I’m talking about Bible study and creating an online Bible study journal in Penzu, as well as some life updates.

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Here in my little corner of the world, I’ve tried to be as candid as possible about the goings in my life … hence Life By Wyetha (LOL).  I talk about journaling all the time and reading from my bible app but never joining the two.

After reading and going over my last blog, I did some (actual) online research and looked at Penzu to find a worksheet or template that can help me work through the chapters of the bible, study them, and apply them to my life in a practical sense.

With that said today I’m talking about…

1. Starting my Bible Journal via Penzu, and using this to help me gain a better understanding of how this can work in my life; and
2. Moving … Yes moving again, and what that means for an area that’s too expensive to live in.

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With that I’ll close my chat today. Thanks for much for hanging with me on this day of memoriam for MLK Day. If you haven’t subscribed to LifebyWyetha, then get on it…LOL. Join the family, because I would love to have you at our virtual table. Thanks again for stopping by, and as I always say … Know Thyself …

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Check out Penzu!

Penzu is not just an online journal,  you can create a Pregnancy Journal, Reflective Journal, Bible Journal, Dream Journal, as well as school, health, and food diaries.  So if writing is on your “to-do” list this year, try starting and online journal on Penzu.


Bible Study Worksheet

Bible Study Worksheet

I’ve created a form-style worksheet that you can edit in Adobe.

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