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Today is New Year’s Eve, and there’s excitement and anticipation fin the air.  Are you ready for 2020?  Because it’s almost hear! Today  I’m posting the last of … the best of the best from 2019.

September through December was the best time for me.  It’s Fall, the temps are cooler, I love Fall decor, and Halloween.  October is my all-time favorite month, and I showed you all just how much by posting every day in the month of October.

Then we segway into Thanksgiving and Christmas, and what better way to end the year.  So here are the best of the best from that period.

September – December 2019
Features my popular Fall posts, 31 Days of Halloween, and the 12 Days of Christmas series.

Fall List_City Edition_LBW


SNIPPET: SPIRIT OF FALL LIST: CITY EDITION … I’ve always thought of bucket lists for the seasons as silly, or maybe it’s just the wording.  I don’t think of taking a hayride, and apple picking as something that I need to do before I die.

survive a horror movie_PIN


SNIPPET: 31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN: CAN YOU SURVIVE A HORROR MOVIE? … I originally posted this game in my Halloween Party Games post, but it’s so much fun that I wanted to highlight it in an individual one.  The name of this game is … “Have you Learned Anything from Horror Movies?

Thanksgiving Essn PIN


SNIPPET: THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY ESSENTIALS … Now that November is here, and we’ve turned the back the clocks, the colder temps are setting in. We’re also only a few weeks away from Thanksgiving and I can’t believe how fast this year is coming to an end.



SNIPPET: 10 WAYS TO SAFEGUARD YOUR BODY FROM WINTER COLDS …Today I’m talking about safeguarding yourself from that dreaded Winter cold. When my daughter was in school I caught everything, so know that being in close proximity to someone that’s sick is sometimes unavoidable.

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I wish you peace and happiness for 2020, and I’ll be back next week kicking off the new year. — Thanks so much and Happy New Year … Wyetha

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