31 Days of Halloween

31 Days of Halloween: Halloween Party Games

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Today is a list of Halloween party games for adults.  These games will test your knowledge, creativity, and expand your love of the season.  The best part is that all of these games are free, and the only thing you’ll need is your imagination, time, and eager party-goers.

Halloween Party Games

colton-sturgeon--qSVn7qAmQU-unsplashHalloween Scavenger Hunt
Split your guests into groups and have them race around the town trying to get all the pictures they need to win the Halloween scavenger hunt.
jan-jakub-nanistaHave You Learned Anything From Scary Movies? Print out these common scenarios from horror movies and see if your guests have what it takes to the make the right decisions so they don’t meet a fatal end. (I made an easy read PDF)

Halloween Movie Trivia GamePrint out these free Halloween movie trivia sheets and give it to each guest to see just how much they know about scary movies.
Halloween Movie Quotesjose-francisco-morales
This Halloween party game for adults asks your guests to identify what movie these famous spooky quotes come from. (Horror Movie Quotes Game)
mathew-schwartzWould You Rather
The game of “Would you rather” is a great ice breaker for any group of people to play. Check out my template of questions to get your guests talking and warmed up to play even more fun Halloween games. (Would U Rather,Halloween PDF)
HappyHalloweenDon’t Say Halloween (Luvze)The goal is to avoid saying Halloween all night.  At the end of the night, the person with the most clips is the winner. (Click on the link for the full game description.)
HalloweenBINGOHalloween Bingo (StudioDIY)
This game is good for kids and adults who want a good sit down game. Check out the free printable here. You can use a variety of candy for bingo chips and give out prizes for the winner.
ghostThe Ghost Game (Party Game Etc.)
This great party game challenges your guests to use their 6th sense.  (See full game description by clicking on the link)
Halloween Ice Breaker, (En amerikanki)
An “icebreaker” is an activity that helps guests to get to know each other and warms up the party. In preparation for this game come up with pairs of words or phrases that relate to Halloween. (See full game description by clicking on the link)

[Source Material … The Spruce , Luvze]

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