“The Best of the Best” It’s A Creepy Story Podcast Series

 Hello friends …Happy New Year and welcome or welcome back.

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.”― Edith Stillwell

I hope everyone is doing well and planning a fresh start for 2024.  It’s been a relaxing holiday season filled with family and friends, and I’m just enjoying the time to slow down, take a breath, and take a look back at all the great things from 2023.  I am truly blessed.

Going through my 2023 content is one of those tasks that I don’t think about until I have to find something.  I don’t need to purge files (this year), but I always like pulling some of my favorite posts hence …The Best of the Best!

I was very proud of this accomplishment in 2023, and I don’t think that most people realize the work that goes into creating a podcast.  My work wasn’t winning any accolades for being the most original, but it required time, effort, and the sheer confidence to get on my mic, talk, and not feel self-conscious about my voice, the clicks, and ticks in my cheeks when I talk, how I come across to people, and how far can I go with it.

While the podcast has been on hold and morphed from creepy stories to book reviews, I still have content sitting and waiting to be recorded and shared.  So, I’m far from done, and I’ve carved out a schedule that I think will work. But enough about whats ahead let’s step back to 2023.

And so it goes...

With that said, here are “The Best of the Best” podcasts, stories, reviews, and my so-called life in 2023.

Short Story Series

A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home

A six-part series on Spotify of a short story by Jason Arnopp.


Season 2 Premier

Sn. 2, Episode #1: America’s Most Haunted Lighthouse

This kicks off Season 2 of my Podcast with short stories and lore.  American’s Most Haunted Lighthouse is the first podcast where I incorporated sound bites other than background music. [post link]



It’s A Creepy Story Podcast

Sn. 2, Episode #7: The Exorcist Legacy, 50 Years of Fear

This is my podcast’s first official name change, and thus begins the shift to book reviews.  It’s hard to find stories due to copyright that I’m able to recite on the podcast, and this hurdle gave me a gentle nudge to shift to book reviews.

The opinions and views are my own, which was a huge milestone.  [post link Ep 7, post link Ep 8]


The Most Fun Book Review

Sn. 2, Episode #11: Paperbacks from Hell, The Twisted History of 70s, and 80s Horror Fiction, Part 1

It’s no secret that I enjoy (ok, love) all things horror. So, instead of just doing a written review, I decided to create a 2-part podcast to delve into the history and culture of this book.  This was a learning experience for me in how these books were created, who the authors were, and what was happening within our environment for these books to come to fruition.  Remember, kiddies …art imitates life, so for every human fear, there is a book to exploit that fear.

It was the most fun I had listening to an audiobook, taking notes, adding to my Good Reads list, and breaking down and creating this podcast. [post link]


Most Anticipated Read from Net Galley!

Sn. 2, Episode #13: (BOOK REVIEW) Mister Magic

I don’t get approved for many books from Net Galley because of the number of books I’ve reviewed, which is also directly related to my not getting approved, but that’s neither here nor there.

When I got approved for Mister Magic, I was over the moon happy because of all the buzz on Good Reads, the premise, the story (like)…I wanted to read this badly.

So, it was only fitting that I turned this review into a podcast episode. [post link]


Season 2 Finale Episode

Sn 2. Episode #20 (BOOK REVIEW) The House Across The Lake

This would be the last podcast for Season 2, as I wrapped up with a book from Riley Sager.  I knew going into my Seasons that September – October would be impossible to create any content for the podcast.

It’s not that I wasn’t still reading (hey, hey 38 books this year).  I didn’t have the time to record, edit, and create the thumbnails and descriptions across all platforms.  I’m very cognizant of my own abilities to get shit done and the time required for a quality podcast. [post link]


First Time in a Long Time

Unpacking, Venting, and Dishing The Last Few Months of My So-Called Crazy Fall

For the first time in years, I created a podcast exclusively for the blog and not Spotify, as I wanted to connect with my family here about everything that had been going on. [post link]


August was my last “official” book review podcast and the end of Season 2. Check out my Spotify links for the full podcast series with Seasons 1 and 2.

Well, I’ll wrap up here.  Thanks so much for checking out the blog today. I wish you health and prosperity in the new year, and I’ll be back with more Best of the Best of 2023. — Peace

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