Podcast Sn. 2, It’s a Creepy Story: Episode #20…Season Finale

“It’s a late, late Sunday”.

You don’t have to be a house to be haunted.”
— Emily Dickenson

Good evening or morning depending on when you’re catching this. I hope you’ve had a great weekend, as we coast to the end of August, and slide into September. Please stay hydrated, and remember to check in with friends and family.

Another busy weekend and I feel like it’s always way too fast.  My Saturday was jam-packed with a Museum visit, a football game, and a cookout. My Sunday was not as busy but visiting family got me home just in time to make dinner, and rush through the evening.

It seems that the weekend came in a Wizard of Oz twister and with it went my energy. I look at it this way, life is short, and if I get the opportunity to do something I’m no longer going to be a homebody, I’m going to take advantage of this time. Fatigue be damned.

Today is the Season 2 finale of the podcast.  I’ll take a break for a tick, and return with more reviews and content and possibly another name change.  I know I’m getting whiplash too.

**Featured on the Podcast!**

A short book review …The House Across the Lake by Riley Sager.

With his trademark blend of sharp characters, psychological suspense, and gasp-worthy surprises, Riley Sager’s The House Across the Lake unveils more than one twist that will shock readers until the very last page.

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