Podcast Sn. 2, It’s a Creepy Story: Episode #8

It’s a beautiful Sunday!

“God never talks. But the devil keeps advertising, Father. The devil does a lot of commercials.”
― William Peter Blatty, The Exorcist

Hello friends, it’s a great day to have a great day.  I hope you’re enjoying the nice weather, staying hydrated, and checking in with friends and family.

Thanks again to NetGalley for providing this book!

Today I’m wrapping up my book review of The Exorcist Legacy: 50 Years of Fear.  This is Part 2 of my review and commentary.  To hear Part 1, click here.

I realize that this movie may be too heavy for some folks, so the book may be just the thing to read to understand how the story came to fruition, what’s it all about, and all the drama that ensued.

**Today’s Feature!**

The Exorcist Legacy: 50 Years of Fear by Nat Seagaloff, Part 2

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The Exorcist Legacy: 50 Years of Fear (available July 25!)

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