It’s Time to Wrap Up A Month of Podcasts!

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“Now I know what a ghost is. Unfinished business, that’s what.” ― Salman Rushdie

Greetings and salutations, everyone, and Happy Sunday. It’s June, and I don’t know what I was thinking; I’ve been so tired I feel like May went by with a whoosh.  Never mind my fatigue, I hope you’re being productive, checking in with friends and family, staying hydrated, and taking care of your mind and body.

One thing I can say about May is that the weather was all over the place, leaving me riddled with allergy symptoms, they’ve tapered off a bit [with meds], so I’m feeling a bit more even.  I always get the blues in June.  All my shows are over, school is out, everyone [but me] is planning a vacation, and everyone is feeling the buzz of Summer.  Here’s hoping my mood shifts, and so it goes.

The one good thing about this period is that I’ve really done more podcasts, trying to stay consistent with producing something.  I’ve shifted from lifestyle to scary stories and haunted history, and now I’m doing more book reviews as I feel my way through this fog of indecision and land on something I can put my best effort into.

With that, here’s a wrap-up of all my podcasts for the month of May.

Sn. 2 Podcast: Episode #6

TITLE: It’s A Creepy Story [Triple Feature] 99 Messages, The Last Bus, and The Cleaners

Today’s podcast is a little different.  I’m sharing three creepy stories, and I’ve also updated the title and the artwork, as I want my podcast to focus solely on scary stories. So here we go! [blog]


Sn. 2 Podcast: Episode #7

TITLE: The Exorcist Legacy: 50 Years of Fear, Part 1

I’m always switching things up on the podcast, but I had to share this review.  Thank you to NetGalley for providing my material today as I delve into The Exorcist Legacy: 50 Years of Fear.  My review will be in two parts, and today is part one.  There is so much material in these 250 pages, and I wanted to break up my commentary. [blog]



Sn. 2 Podcast: Episode #8

TITLE: The Exorcist Legacy: 50 Years of Fear, Part 2

Today I’m wrapping up my book review of The Exorcist Legacy: 50 Years of Fear.  This is Part 2 of my review and commentary.  To hear Part 1, click here. [blog]


Sn. 2 Podcast: Episode #9

TITLE: Book Review – HAUNTED MARYLAND: Ghost and Strange Phenomena of the Old Line State

Today on the podcast, I’m reviewing Haunted Maryland: Ghost and Strange Phenomena of the Old Line State, by Ed Oconowitz.

This is one of several books in a series, so if you want to learn about your state’s haunted history, check out the recommendation on Amazon. [blog]



This concludes my round-up of podcasts for the month of April. To catch up on past episodes, click on this Spotify link.  Don’t forget to follow and subscribe, as I really appreciate your support here on the blog. — Peace

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