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Good Reads Challenge Book Review: Legion

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“Would you like to hear a nice definition of jealousy? It’s the feeling you get when someone you absolutely detest is having a wonderful time without you.”– Legion by William Peter Blatty

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Coming soon, I’m hoping to do a week of books post because I’m always behind on getting them out on the blog in line with my other content. Good Reads is current due to the ARCs that must be posted within a certain timeframe.  But …I digress.  Today I’m reviewing Legion, and so it goes.

The Review

Title | Legion
| William Peter Blatty
Pages | 269
Published  | January 1983
Genre | Paranormal, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
GR Rating | 3.71
Purchase | Amazon


One by one, the bizarre murders frustrate and torment Lt. Kinderman, the homicide detective from The Exorcist. A boy, crucified; a priest, decapitated; another priest slain; a nurse, slaughtered — all bear the Zodiac mark of the Gemini Killer.

BUT … the Gemini Killer has been dead for 12 years — Lt. Kinderman stalks the brutal and elusive killer down the dark streets. Finally, in desperation, he dares to cross the boundary that separates the living from the dead.

My Rating (3.75)

After reading The Exorcist Legacy: 50 Years of Fear, I wanted to work my way back through the books. I started with Legion only because it was available at the library via Libby, and when library audible books are available, you grab them while you can.

Legion is the continuation of The Exorcist, and although the book lays it out as The Exorcist 2, in the movie franchise, it’s really The Exorcist 3. The story still takes place in Washington, DC, although some of the places mentioned didn’t ring a bell (DC Native here).

from Legion
“My name is Legion, for we are many…”

In this book, we follow Lt. Kinderman as bizarre murders are happening in DC that are reminiscent of the Gemini killer. A boy is found crucified, and a priest is decapitated in the confessional. There’s one problem with this, however, because the Gemini killer died 12 years ago, shot by police, whose body was never found.

Lt. Kinderman and his good friend [Father Dyer], who he calls the Jesuit priest, would meet regularly to discuss the McNeal case and philosophical thoughts about how evil relates to God’s plan for humanity.

from Legion
“Lord, I have loved the beauty of thy house.…” Here was all that could matter, for nothing else did.”

This book reads like a murder mystery thriller, and if I had never known anything about The Exorcist, I would not relate the two because the plots differ, and the only thing that connects the two would be a mystery mental patient.

We follow Lt. Kinderman as he tries to solve the murders, including Father Dyer. No one has ever seen a suspect no one has ever heard anything, so it really leaves the Lieutenant trying to circle back to figure out who’s committing these crimes so he can stop the next one from happening.

from Legion
“Every man that ever lived craved perfect happiness, the detective poignantly reflected. But how can we have it when we know we’re going to die?”

This book would climax when Lt. Kinderman discovers that an old friend is not deceased, and through that friend, he will begin to unravel the mystery of the murders, who’s committing them, and the reason why they are happening now. My name is Legion, for we are many…

I enjoyed this audiobook. It was a great listen, and the narrator performed well. The voice wasn’t nauseating, and it kept the pace. This was a great summer read.

My Good Reads Progress

Currently, I haven’t started any new books.  I’m giving myself a short break, and then I’ll start Plain, Bad Heroins, which has been on my TBR list for at least 2 years.

What books are you reading this summer?  Share them in the comments.

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