Armoire Storage I Need Right Now!

Hola Friends, it’s a beautiful day to have a beautiful day!

What’s a difference a day makes just to be able to decompress. Friends, I hope you’re well, enjoying Summer as Fall approaches, getting out, and having some fun.

I was born and raised in the Nation’s Capitol, so I’ve been seeing family and taking advantage of some new exhibits here in DC. I’m really trying to make the best of this season because I just don’t like Summer, so I’m surrounding myself with things I’ll enjoy.


Today is another ideas board. As I live in my house and the years go on, I’m becoming more familiar with my home’s storage needs. When it comes to clutter (I think), I’m what you call a “ladybug”. I have it, I’m ok with it, but I don’t want to see it. A few months ago, I talked about what my room needed, but I haven’t acted on any of those purchases because I thought it best to save my coins, pay down my CC debt, and try to save for the things I (truly) need.

However, what my bedroom really needs is an Armoire. One large piece to hide EVERYTHING. I can get my books off the floor, some paper files, extra linens, toiletries, cameras and accessories, and all the other extraneous items into one place where they can be organized according to need and kept hidden.
I love all the creative ways people are using them in room decor.

The hope is that I can thrift one and flip it by painting it a dark tone to balance off these white walls. Thrifting is a great way to keep furniture out of landfills and decrease your carbon footprint, as furniture remains one of the largest things we waste. In today’s climate, it’s disposable and is really not built to last.

This is why your aunties and parents give you these pieces that are (yes) outdated but only require a little elbow grease to bring them back to life.

Now in the event that I can’t find anything, I’m more than willing to buy something new it’s just the cost is REALLY pricy. I’m looking for something with shelves, and maybe a drawer and I’m not opposed to glass doors. Here’s what I found from the stores I like.


1. WORLD MARKET (Mid-way)
2. IKEA (Priced Right!) @ $499
3. BED BATH BEYOND (Most Expensive!) @ $1699

By the time this post is live …I will have checked Facebook Marketplace and continue to check it, but I haven’t been successful in finding anything. All I’ve seen are these BIG behemoth cabinets that will not fit my space.

The plan now is to save for my bedroom updates, and hopefully, by the end of the year, I can get something that works well but, most importantly, that’s (also) affordable.


Header Clipart by ArtifloraStudio & YanaFefeLovaArt