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“December is a bewitching month.
The grey of cold teases
to explode into something worthwhile,
into a dream of cold,
a starlight shower you can taste,
a cold that does not chill. –
Joseph Coelho, A Year of Nature Poems

It’s Friday …what are you getting into this weekend?  I hope you’re being productive, enjoying some holiday activities, and checking in with friends and family.

Can you believe it’s December?  As the world rushed to get here (bypassing Thanksgiving) by selling Christmas in October, will we again zip through this month or slow down to enjoy each and every day?  I love the winter months and while I still have several things on my to-do list I want to take the time to enjoy the season.

I’ve been really swamped this week with work and other home tasks so I haven’t had the time I would normally devote to the blog or think about the Podcast.  I’m hoping to get my December Calendar printables out today, so check back later on for that one.  With all my rambling out of the way, it’s time for some Holiday mysteries.

Today I’m sharing some Mystery & Thrillers released this month (or earlier).  I’ve actually completed my Good Reads Challenge with one extra book in tow that I’m reading now.  I just love Audible because it allows me to work and listen to a good book.  I’m almost done with my latest book called “Lock Every Door” by Riley Sager.

2022 Reading Challenge

2022 Reading Challenge
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December Mystery & Thriller Releases

by Peter Lovesay

Good Reads Rating: 4.00
Release Date: December 6


The cast and crew of a hit British TV show are rumored to be cursed—but are these spooky deaths coincidences or murder? It’s up to Bath detective Peter Diamond to find out. (More)

The Charity Shop Detective Agency
by Peter Boland

Good Reads Rating: 4.12
Release Date: December 13


A serial killer is stalking the elderly of Southbourne. The only clue left behind is a domino in the hand of each victim — with a name scratched on the back. (More)

How to Sell a Haunted House
by Grady Hendrix

Good Reads Rating: 4.13
Release Date: January 17, 2023


When Louise finds out her parents have died, she dreads going home. She doesn’t want to leave her daughter with her ex and fly to Charleston. She doesn’t want to deal with her family home, stuffed to the rafters with the remnants of her father’s academic career and her mother’s lifelong obsession with puppets and dolls. She doesn’t want to learn how to live without the two people who knew and loved her best in the world. (More)

Marple: 12 New Mysteries
by Various Authors

Good Reads Rating: 3.85
Release Date: September 2022


A brand-new collection of short stories featuring the Queen of Mystery’s legendary detective Jane Marple, penned by twelve remarkable bestselling and acclaimed authors. (More)

All the Dark Places
by Terri Parlato

Good Reads Rating: 4.07
Release Date: December 27


A dark new thriller perfect for fans of Megan Miranda and Shari Lapena where murder exposes the dark secrets at the center of a group of friends and sets two women – one with a traumatic past, the other a Boston police detective – on a hunt for the truth. (More)

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What upcoming book releases are you looking forward to this season?  Let me know in the comments.

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