A Round-up of Posts For The Month of November!

Hello friends, and how are you today…welcome to the blog!

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.”Edith Sitwell

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I hope you’re being productive, checking in with friends and family, staying hydrated, and enjoying the season.

When I say that Thanksgiving was a marathon of cooking, I mean it.  I’ve never been hungry before the meal but this time around I was just ready to be done, and my oven couldn’t get the dishes done fast enough for us.  Everything was wonderful, and I truly took some time away from everything.

It took all of me and virtually slapping my hand away not to edit any posts, update any pages or create any headers for the blog.  I completely and totally stayed away and it was nice, but now I’m ready to get back to it.

Here is a round-up of posts for the month.

Exit Thanksgiving, Enter Christmas

I did fuss a little over my table but no one cares about that stuff but me, and I have to keep telling myself all your guest care about is spending time with you and the good food.  They do love the ambiance the table creates but next year, I’m just going to work with what I have.  (In hindsight I say that now but only time will tell)

A marathon of cooking but my daughter also made us this apple-cinnamon moscow mule.5

The House is Exploding Christmas

Ok, not so much but I took the remaining Fall decor back to my storage unit and came back with two ornament bins and 4 bags full of trees, stockings, and other ornamentation.  My daughter said when she came in …” It looks like Micheal’s exploded up in here”, but I’ve got everything sorted out.  I trashed a few things that couldn’t be saved and donated the rest, so I have just enough decor to work with.

The only thing I really want is cedar real-touch garland for a few places.  I don’t want to buy fresh garland because I will be picking up needles every day and I can’t water it, so I’m hoping to find something.  Black Friday was a bust as stores were sold out of everything.  We did manage to get some wrapping paper, tissue, boxes, and some gift ornaments.

Books & Movies this Month

I’m so happy that I’m done with Dark Corners, I can shout it to the rooftops.  The only book I’m reading now (to round out my Good Reads Challenge) is Lock Every Door.  I’m also reading Small Horrors for my Chilling November Tales Podcast.

November has been the month of movies. We’ve seen Wakanda Forever (★★★★★), The Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (★★★★), Ghostbusters: Afterlife, (★★★½) and Lady in the Lake (1947 ★★★★).  Since November is our Mystery month so we stream some of our old favorites as well as a few new ones.

Mystery Fav’s

Knives Out
Murder by Death
Death on the Nile (1978)
Murder on the Orient Express (1974)


November Home & Decor Boards

I only did one board in November for holiday table ideas.  November is always a short month for blogging because of the holiday.  I did work on some printables so check those out on my “Free Printables” page.

November Podcast Series

Last but certainly not least is the podcast series that I created especially for this month called Chilling November tales.  Every weekend in November I would post a few stories.  I missed last week but alongside this post, I’m publishing my last episode.  I haven’t yet decided to continue this into December but I’ll keep you posted.

Friends, this ends my November roundup.  Thanks so much for visiting, and don’t forget to follow and subscribe, as I really appreciate each and every like, and follow. — Peace

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