5 Blog Topics That Help Me Plan A Month Of Posts

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Hello beautiful and happy Wednesday.  How are you today?  I hope you’re having a great Summer, staying hydrated, enjoying some seasonal activities, and checking in with friends and family.

Over the years planning fresh new content can be a double-edged sword.  On one end it’s easier if your blog has a niche (books, food, poetry) because it’s more focused. But, if you’re a lifestyle blogger you’re constantly thinking about new topics to share.

As I was planning out the month of August I thought that this would be a great topic to share to kick off the month.  For my blog, there are a few things that you can set your watch by.  There’s always, a book review, a monthly round-up, and some sort of style board that correlates with the season.

Currently, I’m using a blank journal because that works best but I still hand drawing a calendar.  I don’t want to go back to a planner, (I waste most of the pages), and I like the art of writing.

In the coming months, I may travel down the rabbit hole and look for a simple calendar with some notes on the bottom, but in the meantime, this method works and I’m not tethered to looking at it every day because I can keep my simple schedule.

Here are 5 Blog Topics That Help Me Plan a Month of Posts

1. Check My Previous Posts

I always go back and check out what I posted last year to see if I want to update and revisit the subject or come at it with a better perspective.

It’s also a good time to update the links or resources.


2. Seasonal Posts

Be it lists, traditions, or favorites, you can always post for Spring, Fall, and Winter.

There are always style trends, beauty products, and all the lists.

3. Top 10s

Count downs, favorites, and top 10 lists are also a great way to share what you love or what’s trending.

From music to books, movies, and everything in between I always search the web for top 10s during Halloween and Christmas.

4. Self Care, Mental Health, and Clean Eating

Whether it’s your health or you do to stay on track, or self-care tips,  I love reading bloggers’ stories as it relates to mental health staying organized, and loving the skin you’re in.

Also, I’m constantly on Pinterest reading recipes and looking for healthy swaps for diabetics, so if you have some knowledge about healthy, clean eating then by all means share it.


I love DIYs but I don’t do them as often as I’d like because of space and the availability to get the things that I need.  I spend a lot of time watching thrift flips and DIYs, so I love creating and sharing them in a post.

Cleaning hacks and tips are also very popular so if you’ve got some great tips, create a post that shares how you use them to cut time from your day or keep your home and family on schedule.

This condensed schedule may work for you if you don’t post every day (like me). I typically post 2-day per week.  Even if you post daily these ideas can help fill some of those spaces.

I’ve compiled a master list of 25 Blog Post Ideas by going through my posts and pulling some great ideas from Pinterest. 

Well, beautiful people, I hope I’ve inspired you to create some great posts and make sure to leave links in the comments so I can check them out.  Thanks so much for visiting the blog today.  Don’t forget to follow and subscribe, as I really appreciate the support. — Peace

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