A Round-up of Posts For The Month of June!

Hello friends, and welcome to the blog today!

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you’re being productive, staying hydrated, enjoying the Summer evenings, and checking in with friends and family. Yes, it’s July and the heat and humidity are here to stay.  I know folks LOVE summer but give me 40-50 degrees and sunshine and that’s my happy place.

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Here is my round-up of posts for the month of June!

A Few Thrifted Things

I’ve been checking out my local thrift stores as of late.  Not for anything in particular but just looking around to see what’s-what, and I did happen upon a few things from two different stores.  

I’ve been trying to learn how to propagate my plants, (I wish I would have done this before my money tree died but I snipped part of a peace lily from work, and I needed something other than the wine glass I was using to house it in.

Since watching the Sunday Workshop I’ve been checking out Hilton Carter who gives his knowledge on plant care. Hilton had a cool propagation system like this one, and I thought I was going to have to pay more for what I really didn’t need, considering I only had one plant. However, I lucked up at a neighborhood thrift spot and found these vases (or they could be candle holders) but they worked perfectly for what I wanted to do.

I also found this 16 x 20 picture frame (I’m always on the hunt for those), and the worded art that used in my recent mixed media DIY.

Other Happenings!

I love making a quiche for the week when I meal plan.  It takes the fuss out of what to have and I can also take it to work and it’s great for breakfast or lunch.

Made this small shower bouquet of Rosemary to hang, and it made my shower smell really nice once the steam hit it.  It lasted for about a week (+ a few days) before part of it fell down because it dries out but I love soaking in that steam.  You could also make a shower bouquet with lavender, and eucalyptus for calming and to open your nasal passages.

I’m also enjoying my platform Asics Japan this summer.  They look great with everything and didn’t break the bank.  Always check out Nordstrom Rack for sales and great deals.

What Books I Finished This Month & Challenge Progress

I finished Will, and you can say what you want about the man, but the book was excellent.  It was engaging (told from his perspective) about his upbringing, married life, the Fresh Prince of Bell Air, and yes all the movies. I’m currently reading Oracle (yes because it’s narrated by Joshua Jackson…I mean come on …it’s Pacy), and Dark Corners.

What I Watched This Month

Since all of my shows are done for the season I can really get into a few things, but I haven’t watched all that much for June.  

Guardians of the Galaxy
(I’m not gonna give this a rating because I don’t care for ANY Marvel movies …[hey] don’t come for me …LOL //not because they are not good because they are entertaining, they are just not my cup of tea)
Sweet Home (Season 1// Netflix) ★★★★
Haunted Asylum ★★★★
Archive 81 (Season  1// Netflix)★★★★½
Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore  ★★★★
Biography: Bobby Brown ★★★★
Sunday Workshops ★★★½
OMG …Stranger Things (Season 4) ★★★★★!!!
…If I could give more stars I would


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Friends, this ends my June roundup.  Thanks so much for visiting the blog today.  Don’t forget to follow and subscribe, as I really appreciate each and every like, and follow. — Peace

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