My Summer Morning Routine

Hello Friends and welcome to the blog!

It’s a beautiful day, to have a beautiful day!

It’s Wednesday …I hope you’re being productive, enjoying Summer, staying hydrated, and checking in with friends and family.  I’m taking some “ordered” rest (so to speak), and I think everyone needs time to decompress and just do nothing.

It’s that time of Summer when I share some new skincare that I’m using as well as my AM routine.

I try to make my AMs as light as possible because if I incorporate too many things, something is going to fall off because I don’t have the time and it’s not feasible.


Facial Skincare

I’m still enjoying some of the same brands, but this year I’ve started using TULA, and so far so good.  I’m enjoying the “Cult Classic” cleanser and the magic hour filter primer. In the morning I want a foamy cleanser and this one does the job with a light scent.

I’ve always used Cerave but this time I’m trying their serum and I love it.  It’s so creamy and gives my skin just what it needs in these hot and sticky months.

The Kiehl’s isn’t new but the lip balm is and for me, lip balms come a dime-a-dozen.  I’ll use anything as long as it’s moisturizing. I alternate between the Pacifica or Follain lip balm.


For The Body

Although I have tried other body washes and cleansers, nothing beats Aveeno.  I love Raw Sugar and Dr. Teals but nothing beats the itching and dry skin like Aveeno.  I will alternate between the Lavender and the unscented, and the lotion helps with the heat rash that I seem to get every summer on my upper back.

That’s my quick morning routine.  I will note that this is strictly for Teleworking because if I was going into the office I would have to wake up 30-minutes earlier and I would have to omit exercising because I would use that time to make and pack my lunch and snacks.

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