Some New Music from my Current Playlist

Hello beautiful people and welcome to the blog today.

I hope you’re having an awesome Friday, staying hydrated, getting some sun, checking in with friends and family, and living your best lives.

It’s Friday people, and I would say that it’s going to be a weekend of nothing since last weekend was filled with everything.  Last Saturday I returned my rental car but didn’t check the seats when I put the car key fob in the box. Thus leaving my phone on the seat of the car.

This took on a whole new monster because I was basically stranded with no phone.  I managed to find a beautiful person who let me use his phone (after he asked me if I was single…go figure), so I call my daughter, then walked to a nearby car dealership to call for emergency roadside assistance, which resulted in waiting about an hour (not that bad) for AAA to unlock the car and retrieve my phone. (Whew!)

This week has also been busy (for me) with doctor’s appointments and work. I didn’t even have time to tend to my tresses, and I’m supposed to go to a birthday gathering on Saturday.

When folks say adulting is hard it’s absolutely, positively true, and I want nothing more than to do nothing, but It’s family and I promised I would attend so basically, I’m showing my face for an hour, and then it’s duces.✌🏾

But…enough of my adulting woes today is about some “new” music!

This music is not necessarily new but, I’m old so it’s new to me…why am I always the last to know.  I don’t listen to any radio anymore unless it’s oldies or Old School Rap, and I usually find music I like through TV or movie soundtracks, but recently I stumbled upon something that I enjoy.  In another post, I mentioned that binged all of HBO’s Insecure and I enjoyed the carefully curated soundtrack which has been my go-to “Take Me Away” playlist for the moment.


I love this R & B soul music that gives you those new love; first kiss; I’ve waited so long to be with you; holding hands; I see you across the room vibes. But it’s also that booty-shakin’, bounce-to-this, stupid-dance music and I’m here for it all.

“Take Me Away” Playlist

If I can find a video I’ll add it below. DISCLAIMER: some songs in this list contain “explicit” lyrics.  My full list also has music from the “Dear White People” soundtrack, and Massive Attack.


The Videos

If I could find a video I’ve added that here.


Tidal Playlist

Music has always been my go-to escape from things and I can put in my headphones listen in and tune out for a time.  I know this music isn’t for everyone as we all have our own taste, but whatever you’re listening to that makes you feel good is all that matters.

Thanks so much for visiting the blog today.  Don’t forget to follow and subscribe, as I really appreciate the support. — Peace