Artist Featured on the hit HBO Series Insecure

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In my March Round-up post, I mentioned binging the entire series (well Season 1: EP 6 – Season 5) of Insecure, and let’s just say I know why it got so much buzz and so many accolades.  From the music to the style to the fashion it’s the best mix of creative black and brown people and everything in between.

The show focuses on friendship and how this group of friends endures the challenges through college, work, life changes, and death. Women bonding over life struggles is soup for the soul and makes us stronger as a whole.

Featured Artist on the HBO Series Insecure

Today (though) is all about the art.  I love art (as my blog family knows) and I saw so many great pieces on the show that (of course) were obscure and pretty hard to find. But today I’m sharing some of the pieces that I could find and the artists that were featured throughout the series.  I’m all about supporting the culture y’all.

Madam Renaissance

“Madam Renaissance“ is a vibrant, original portrait from our Vanity Pop Collection. This colorful design by Los Angeles artist Vakseen.

Born in Athens, GA (1979) and raised in Jacksonville, FL, Otha Davis III (also known as Vakseen) is a self-taught, museum-exhibited artist and a multi-platinum music executive, producer & songwriter. While working on hit records has played a driving force in his career, Vakseen has been an active realist painter since moving to Los Angeles in 2011. (More) Source: Vakseen Art

Hair Stories Untold: Sealing Ends
Nakeya Brown

Brown’s work has been featured in Time, New York magazine, Dazed & Confused, The Fader, The New Yorker, and Vice. Her work has been included in photography books MFON: Women Photographers of the African Diaspora, Babe, and Girl on Girl: Art and Photography in the Age of the Female Gaze. (More from the artist Nakeya Brown)

Baby Blue

My work explores ideas and looks of blackness globally, which I conduct through research, travel, and found objects. I use my photography skills to capture moments and subjects, which are later used as reference images for drawings, 3-D designs, and paintings. Viewers are introduced to black body shapes, familiar objects, plants, and bright colors in the artwork. My main subjects are mostly black males and largely humans of color. The viewer has also introduced familiarity, similarities, and different forms of representation. (More from the artist)

Looking for Horizon Lines
Hana Ward

This painting is one of my recent favs. It reminds me of something I can’t put my finger on… Something about it feels very Black & Japanese to me. I think this painting has to do with searching for clarity… that one Feist song was in my head when I titled it, with the lyrics that go, “get some distance while the world comes in so near and/ then I’ll head out to horizon lines/ get some clarity ocean-side. (Source Tumblr)

Hana Ward is a painter and ceramicist from Los Angeles, California. She likes drawing figures with things on their mind— endearing yet undeniably melancholy beings. Her work has been described as, “sometimes sad, sometimes funny but always intriguingly equivocal” by ArtNews. (More from the artist)

Researching the Art

This post (although short) opened my world to more creatives and allowed me to take a deeper dive into some featured LA-based black artists that I didn’t even know existed.   I always like a challenge and this post provided all of that.  Reading more about the Insecure series — about Issa Rae and her collabs with artists and businesses in the Inglewood area.

Looking for Affordable Art? Check these sources.

North and Finch
Society 6

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see — Degas

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