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The 12 Days of Christmas: Day #9 …My Ultimate Target Wish List

Happy Holidays Fam! Welcome to the blog today … are you ready for Christmas?

Well ready or not it’s coming. I’m as ready as I’m gonna be. I don’t gift everyone I know anymore.  My thinking is that grown folks can by their own “ish”, and …if all your doing is spending energy buying gifts, you lose the spirit of what this holiday is about.

Speaking of buying my own “ish”. LOL (Today) I’m sharing my Ultimate Target Wish List. 

How many times have you gone for a Target Run for 3 things; get the register and your total is now $100.  I don’t think I’ve spent any less than $100 everytime I’ve gone to Target because you just want everything.

No matter how much I have I still want that candle, that bedspread that decor piece, or that lamp.  It’s voodoo I tell you. (LOL) Here are just a few things that are still on my Target Wish List.

Shopping Links

Leighton Sherpa Tongue Hiking Boots
Natural Woven Grass Tray
Thatcher Wooden Bench
Arched Mantel Mirror
Henna Black Out Curtains
Arched Wood Blanket Ladder
Cantilever Drop Pendant Floor Lamp
Crewneck Cable Knit Sweater

I just love all the decor possibilites but I have to “literally” smack my own hand away and rationlize what I really need.  There’s nothing wrong with taking pride in your home and buying something special just as long as your not maxing out anything.

With that I’ll end this late afternoon post.  I just had to get to grocery store one more time.  That was my last trip, and if I don’t have it at this point, it will just have to be. LOL

Thanks so much for stopping today, and checking out another post in the series.  I only have a few more left in the 12 Days of Christmas so I hope to see you here tomorrow.  Don’t forget to like and subscribe.  — Merry Christmas!

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Header Photo by Valentin Petkov on Unsplash