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The 12 Days of Christmas: Day #10 …My Favorite Winter Holiday Scents

Merry Christmas beautiful people …and welcome to the blog today. Today is Day 10 in the 12 Days of Christmas and I’m sharing my favorite essential oils for the holiday.  

There are a few scents that I just love using around my home during this time but the main one for me is trees.  Anything that smells like trees I just love it.  It’s fresh it’s clean, it’s like having that live tree smell all over your home.

Essential oils and diffusers are everywhere, and if your not using a diffuser you can always dilute the oils in some alcohol or add a few drops to an unscented (melted) candle.  The spray mix can be used on your window screens and around your home any time you want that crisp fresh scent.

I’ve put together this short list of some staple Winter scents.


I’ve only had one diffuser and now I have no idea where it is.  I think I may have been misplaced (or lost) it in the move.  I’ve seen some really pretty ones but right now I have no available surface to place it on.  The essential oils that I have now I use to make a custom body oil. (We use almond oil as the carrier) It takes a little effort but it smells really nice.

Be sure that if you buy essential oils for your body that they are meant for the body.  Several of the diffuser oils are for that purpose or can be used with a carrier like alcohol.

I hope you enjoyed this little ditty in the series.  Diffusers and oils also make great house gifts, with different options for every budget.  Thanks so much for visiting today, as we only have 2 more days in the 12 Days of Christmas.  I’ll see you here tomorrow.  Don’t forget to like and subscribe.

Header Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash