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The 12 Days of Christmas: Day #8 …Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Blogger

Hello beautiful people and Happy Monday!  Thank you for stopping by today.

Welcome, Welcome to Day #8 in the 12 Days of Christmas.  Today I’m sharing some last minute gifts for your favorite bloggers.

As bloggers you come to rely on a lot of things to get your posts ready and make it presentable.  While most resources are free — there are still some things you have to pay for, so I’m sharing a quick list of gifts that you can get (some that are still in stock), just in time for Christmas.

Note:  The calendars and specialty items take a little longer to ship.

Most hosting and other services like WordPress, or Dreamhost don’t offer gift cards but you can gift someone a Visa giftcard for 6 months of hosting, or 6 months of courses with Skillshare or Creative Live, which is always appreciated.

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  • The first thing I always use in planning my blog is a calendar or planner.  It’s key to help me plan my post, as well as my budget and spending.
  • Now you can’t have a planner without a pretty pen.  I mostly write in pencil because I’m always changing things, but now I use a pen, and strikeout things, so I can see my thought process.
  • I always speak highly about blue light glasses to help take the strain off your eyes.  Bloggers spend A LOT of time looking at a screen so anything that can help reduce that is really appreciaated.
  • If you plan on taking your website to the next level (as in a Podcast), a Blue microphone is a great gift. They have really come down in price over they years making them more appealing.  I was gifted one about 3 years ago and love it.
  • External drives are a great way to move excess data from your computer or laptop.  Larger drivers have also come down in price where 1TB is now under $80, which is a bargin for how much space you’ll get.
  • I currently sit in my dinning room chair or the couch to work, but it’s so uncomfortable and it puts your neck and back in a terrible position.  A desk chair (or stool) is a great working tool to help your posture, and save your back.
  • Photography backdrops are your friend if your blogging.  It can also help you showcase your skills and gain a better knowlege of taking pictures for your site.  To learn a little more about photography backdrops check out Joanie Simon from The Bite Shot on Youtube.
  • Last but not least I love a pretty mug.  For your morning joe or for sipping tea, a good mug is a bloggers best friend.

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my list today.  I hope I have you some great gift ideas.  I’ll see you here tomorrow for another post in The 12 Days of Christmas.  Don’t forget to subscribe and follow. – Merry Christmas!