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I Got That …Jazzy LoFi Music Mix for the Thanksgiving Holiday

Hello Fam …Happy Friday and welcome back to blog!

It’s Friday!  It’s been a short busy week, and I’m prepping for Thanksgiving.  I’m not doing too much and I’m only expecting two people (they are here all the time…LOL), so 3-4 folks total.  I’ve been going through the house and putting away most of Fall decor.

I still have a good amount of real pumpkins from the pumpkin patch I visited a few weeks ago, so I will use those for table decor along with greenery from the supermarket and white candles. I’m hoping to get some plate chargers and napkins but I’ve got everything else I need right here.

I’ve also been working on updating the blog as we get closer to the end of the year.  I’m changing out my headers, updating my affiliate links, resources, and signatures, to give the site a fresh look for the holiday.  You know how I love me some illustrations.

Today I have another relaxing Lofi & Jazz Playlist for the season.  You can work with it, as it’s non distracting, and provides a great fall background for holiday entertaining.

Cozy Autumn Aimbiance

Autumn Jazz Fireplace

Autumn LoFi for Cold Walks

Mornings in November

Midnight LoFi …November Nights

Rainy Day Cafe …Cozy Vibes

I hope you enjoyed this list.  It’s about 16 hours (give or take) of continuous music (if you create one playlist), so you can always have some relaxing music to get you through your day.  Thanks so much for visiting, don’t forget to subscribe. Have a great weekend.  — Happy Thanksgiving!

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Illustrations … Etsy