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Keeping Your Skin Hydrated for Winter

Hello Fam! and welcome to the blog.  Thank you so much for spending a little time with me today.

I hope everyone is doing well on this Wednesday, and I hope you had a great weekend as we get into 3rd week of November, and start to prepare for Thanksgiving.

Last Friday, I did something I normally NEVER do, and that’s skip a posting day.  Normally I would add a round-up, or a repost, but I really needed a few days to decompress and relax.  Last weekend flew to Atlanta (“The ATL”…LOL) to visit my Mom & Aunties whom I haven’t seen since 2019, and the hole pandemic.

The last thing that was on my mind was posting (and I’m sure my blog family understands)… I just wanted to make it to the airport (on-time) and get through the TSA and baggage check with no issues since I haven’t been on a plane since 2015 (or-so). I would usually drive but the stress of driving for 8+ hours on I-85 can take it’s toll.  So I’ll take an 1 and a half flight over a car ride any day.

My daughter and I had a great time visiting with family, lot’s of red wine (LOL) and all the sights in Buckhead (where my Mom is).  My daughter put us up at the Intercontinetal (beautiful hotel) and we just had a really relaxing time.  Since flights are cheaper than ever (right now) hopefully I can get back there in February.  My plan is to reorganize, and redcorate my Mom’s spot, and gift her with some new furniture. (fingers crossed)

So enough about my weekend.  Let me get into todays post.  I’m sharing some great (hydrating) products for your skin for the upcoming winter months.

Winter Skin

My skin is super-dry and because I’m diabetic I always have a hard time finding the right cocktail of products that will keep my skin hydrated.  I’m always itchy in the winter so I’ll usually switch to my heavier go-to’s for my face and body.  My problem area’s are my upper back and around my nose and chin.

Body Lotions & Creams

Cerave Daily Moisturizing Lotion
This lotion is light but works well on sensative and itchy skin.  It also helps (overtime) if you get winter (or summer) rashes from extreme temps or a change in climate.

Eucerine Advanced Skin Care Lotion
This lotion is on the heavier side (for very dry skin) and is great in extreme cold or if you have diabetic skin or really dry skin.  I especially love it on my feet as they always need extra moisture and hydration.  It absorbs well and is great after a shower or bath. (Also Note:)  This is the one lotion I’ve seen in a travel size which worked great for us last weekend.

Eczema Honey Smooting Skin Cream
I love Eczema Honey although I don’t have eczema, but I do get dry patches when the seasons change, and sometimes different detergents in my clothing also irritate my skin.  This cream is itch cooler and great for your kiddos with sensative skin, and eczema.

Face Serums & Oils

Pacifica Dream Shot 
Can be added to your moisterizer or face oil at nighttime.  This leaves your skin super hydrated and really soft.

Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum
Work best on you skin before your moisterizer or with you your favorite skin oil for best results.  Can be worn in the morning or nighttime, and it doesn’t leave your skin oily if your using make-up.

Keihl’s Midnight Recovery Serum
Hands down this is the best oil I’ve EVER used, it is pricey but worth it.  You can add a few drops to your moisterizer before bed, or alone.  The next day your skin will feel hydrated and silky smooth.  There is also a Daily Reviving Concentrate for daytime.

Body Washes

Aveeno Stress Relief Body Wash with Lavender
I love using this body wash at the end of the day.  The smell is light and refreshing, it’s not overpowering and Aveeno is known for it’s hydrating ingrediants for people with eczema, diabetes and sensative skin.

Aveeno Nourishing Probiotic Oat Body Wash
This brand of Aveeno has really been helpful in my overall skin wellness.  It calms my itchy skin, and I doesn’t dry out your skin in the shower like some soaps or body washes.  I also love all the scents …Almond Oil, Camellia, and Revitalizing Green Tea.

Dr. Teals Body Wash With Pure Epson Salt
This is my winter-time go-to.  Not only is it nourishing, and hydrating but the eucalyptis and speramint scent is fantasic for clearing your head if your congested.  There is also a body oil, and body scrub in this scent as well as a Lavendar, and Replenish Pink Himalayan Foaming Bath.

I hope my short list gives you some great ideas and choices for your winter-time skin regamin.  What is your favorite winter go-to?  Let me know in the comments.

Thanks so much for hanging with me today, don’t forget to follow, like or subscribe to the blog.  I’ll see you next time, and have a great day. — Peace —