Take the Stress Out of the Holiday With These Thanksgiving Holiday Kitchen Essentials

Hello Family!  Welcome back to the blog and Happy Thanksgiving.

(Orginally posted Nov. 2019, Updated Nov. 2021)

Happy Wednesday Family.  Thanksgiving is just about here and if your like me you’re already prepping.  I hope you’re not stressing too much about the holiday, as it’s a great time to connect with family and friends.

I’m hosting a small gathering this year (well every year), and it’s always helpful to have a few key items to help you in the kitchen, with food storage, cooking as well as table decor.

For years my problems were… ok I’ve made all this food, now where am I going to store it, so it’s good for a few days, and so things don’t come tumbling out when I open my fridge.  So after years of trial and error, I’ve curated a small list of Holiday essentials.


I have a few staples for my cookware but everything goes in the oven. A few basics to start with are a large pot (stockpot) or dutch oven, roasting pan with a rack, saucepan, and some baking dishes. Some great but pricey brands are Calphalon, Cuisinart, and Viking. A cheaper alternative is Faberware, or Cooks Standard.

Sauce Pan
Roaster w/Rack (Cooks Standard here)
Dutch Oven (Similar to above)
Casserole Baking Dishes

Right now you can find deals on Amazon.  However if you need it today your big box stores, like Walmart, Target, TJ Maxx, and Home Goods are your bet.

Food  Storage

Now that you’ve made this fantastic dinner, how do you store it and make it fit in your fridge?.  My fridge is prime reali eastate during the holidays and It’s really a struggle when nothing fits and it’s is packed to the brim with foil items and random containers. Last year…enough was enough so we purchased some glass container to make things a little easier.  Here are a few food storage solutions.

Glass Food Storoage
Pyrex Food Storage Bakeware with Lids
Glass Storage Containers (Similar to pictured, the originals ones are out of stock)

Other Kitchen Essentials

Flour Sack Kitchen Towels (These are a kitchen staple for cleaning up messes)
Grip Silicone Pot Holders
Cork Trivets

Table Decor

Personally I don’t think you need  an elaborate tablescape (but to each their own).  I think simple is always better, more cost effective, and easier to work with.

With a few simple items like pine cones (which you can find at craft and grocery stores), Jack Be Little pumpkins (or mini pumpkins which are also at your local grocery store), some greenery stems (like eucalypis or flower fillers), and white candles can create a clean beautiful tablescape.

Here are some Thanksgiving tablescape ideas I’ve pinned.


Odssyhome – Etsy




Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year, or do you have your dinner with a relative or friend?  Let me know in the comments, about your Thanksgiving plans.  Thanks so much for visiting my blog today and don’t forget to subscribe, like or follow. Have a great holiday week. – Peace –

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