I’m Shopping My Storage Unit for Fall!

Hello Friends how are you.  Whatever brought you to me today …Welcome, I’m glad you’ve landed.

Today is a short but brief post because yesterday I shopped my storage unit for Fall decor.  I mentioned in my previous Fall Preview post, that I had several items in storage that I will incorporate into my decor.  Honestly I thought I had more, but somewhere along the line I paired down. (Which is a good thing).

Now that I have my goodies, I’m ready to go through what I pulled out, because we may be in the boiling heat of Summer outch-here in these streets (LOL) but I’m ready to bring some Fall up in herrrr.

What Did I Bring Home?

I will link what I can find, but more often than not the big box stores like Micheal’s, and Target change out there decor every year.

I spent Tuesday afternoon figuring out what I would use in what part of the house.  When I was at my storage unit I just grabbed everything, that looked like Fall.  I had things organized pretty well so my Fall decor was only in 3 bins.  Most of the other decor is Halloween and Christmas.

Real Shopping

I do have several items but still no door wreath.  I don’t think I’ve ever had once because they were so expensive.  If I keep it for the next 4 years, then I can justify spending more, but for what they cost now it’s pretty silly. 

I have found some candle holders that fit my mantle, from Magnolia Market(I can get in trouble on that site).  The only other items is a stripped doormat to go under the one I have and a blanket or throw for my sofa.  (Then que in the cooler weather…if only)

  • Front Door Wreath
  • Black & White Striped Doormat
  • Blanket or Throw
  • Fall scented candles
  • Lantern

As you can see the depth of my mantle is barely 3 inches, so everything I do, I do with a bit of caution because I would hate any of my items to come crashing down in the night.  I will probably use some command strips to secure them.  I don’t really like command as my experience with them is 50/50 chance, that they will ruin my walls, but we will see.


My fireplace has three sides so the front area that sticks out I will probably leave that, but the other side I’m still working out, and trying to find something narrow enough to fit in place.

Thanks so much for visiting the blog today.  I hope this post was short and sweet, and a peek into how I’m decorating my home for the Fall season.  Are you decorting for Fall?  What’s your style…Minimal, or Farmhouse, share what you love down in the comments.

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