Beating the Happiness Drum, Which Wolf Do You Feed?

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It’s Wednesday, it’s hot, and humid as we’ve hit those hazy days of Summer.   So far it’s been a slow week as we get back to a semi-normal schedule after “B’s” (my daughter) oral surgery last week.  She’s still on semi-soft foods, but we’ve worked our way up to fruits this week. LOL

Today I’m going to chat about something that I haven’t done in a while.  Beating the Happiness Drum. A few years ago I had a series on blog about the 52 List for Happiness, where I did a mini-podcast and went into detail about each list.  I would post every Sunday, and it was a refreshing way to look at things in my life differently.

What Had Happened Was…

Illustrations_GoodObjects_AdobeAs I got to end of the book, (that series) I felt the exercises were a bit weak, and I questioned what age demographic the book was meant for. We all know that sadness and depression have no age limit but for me, some of the exercises didn’t make sense.  In my review, I mentioned how most of the exercises were helpful, but I still quetioned how to apply them in my real life. 

The 52 List for Happiness is a good “self-help” book but there are so many more out there.  I’m no stranger to disscussing my happines, and I’m the first one to beat on the happiness drum, but I came to a point where I had to do the thing, and not just talk about it.


I Finished The Series

After I finished this series, I didn’t know what I would do next because that book had been such a big part of my blog.  So I decided that I would try Moorea Seal’s other book … The 52 List for Calm.  Even though I wasn’t completely satisfied with the first book, it gave these idle hands and mind something to focus on because at that point I didn’t know what direction to take my “Sunday Chit-Chat“.

As the weeks wore on in 2020, I soon found it difficult to record, and then my sadness got the best of me and I stopped blogging on Sunday’s all together.  Something that I enjoyed became stressfull.  I didn’t have the quiet that I needed, editing was taking longer than usual, I had a lot of axiety in that living situation, and I couldn’t focus due to the state of things.

Where am I now…Get to it already!

Good Objects OfficeRececntly I’ve felt a need to clear things out (electronically), as I’m a stickler for list, online journals, and the like.  It surprised me of how un-happy I really was, and what I was feeling.  I came across some notes I took for a podcast, that I want to share.  

NOTE: I’ve looked high and low for the title, and source but it’s lost to me.  What’s not lost is the powerful message.  I know it was 2017 when I first took this course (podcast), and I think this was only 30 minutes of the session.  So … Which Wolf do You Feed?

PODCAST NOTES: Positive Life Series (just giving it a name)
DATE: January 27, 2017
Wolf Watercolor FreepikInside every person there is a struggle between two wolves. Which wolf do you feed,  and which wolf wins. There is evil (evny, anger, sorrow, guilt, despair, and sadness), and there is good (love, happiness, joy and peace)  …so, which wolf wins…do you know?
How do you change the outcome of negativity?  What was your role in creating a positive outcome in enviroments or situaitons that are difficult?
What, went, well = WWW

HABIT 1: Take in the Good
Are you taking in the good?  Allow yourself to focus on positive experiences and let go of the negative ones.  Do you think the grass is greaner on the other side? Then water your lawn.

HABIT 2: Connect
Where is your mind? Are you present? Are you connected? The state of keeping busy is an epidemic, and multi-tasking is praise — thats a myth.  Stay connected to your happy placeAre you toggling your mind between things or tasks?

HABIT 3: Show-up
“We’re not there to even know that were not there.”  In our minds we think that we’re good at it (we call that auto-pilot) this can decrese your happines level.  When the mind wanders the happiness level is descreased. Show up and be present about what’s happening in your life; If you want to be happier, then get present.

Feeing Overwhelmed
**use three breaths to get centered** helps to gain clarity of mind, and gain confidence; helps to reset-release-recover.  TAKE A BREAK. 

NEGATIVATY BIAS is not your fault.  There was a survival benifit to being a bit paranoid. We are wired to thrive; positivie thoughts broaden our perspective. We are more generous when under the influence of positive emotions and they energize and make you more creative.  Make you more willing to collaborate, and cooperate.  Minds open up when exposed to positive emotions.


Living in the Present

At times I feel that my “OTHER” self was more open and in tune with things.  The wolf I choose to feed is good. (i.e., Love, Happiness, and Joy)  We’ve all had a difficult year, and I had to embrace that things were not ok.  I was not ok, I didn’t feel ok, and I was sad.  

Reading my Bible helped emensly, journalling helped emensly, as well as meditation and yoga.  I was doing to most to get maximum results.  Once I let go, I realized I didn’t have to be strong, I didn’t have to be resilient, I just had to be.  I knew 2021 would be better because God works through others, and showed me another way. 

I wish I found these notes then, but life has a way of making you look back at the past sometimes.  But remember, that you can’t live in the past and continue to move forward.  You doing more for your health and wellness than what you know.

And with that, I’ll leave you today. Thanks so much for visiting the blog.  Don’t forget to check out the links to the older series.  I do actually talk to you. LOL  Remeber to follow and subscribe, and have a great rest of your day.  — Peace —

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