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What’s up and happy Friday! I’m glad for the end of the week and being at the weekend mark, but for me it means chores and projects. I reckon I can’t complain because taking care of chores and adulting keeps this place humming.

Today is light fare, as I share a few poetry books that are on my list. I enjoy reading poetry and sonnets and I need to find time to add them to my “Good Reads” list. Back in the day (I can’t recall how many years ago) I purchased a book at a fare called Erotique Noire (yes it’s what you think it is). I let someone borrow it and I never saw it again, but thanks to Amazon Kindle, I read it anytime I pleased.

I loved reading those poems and short stories over and over again. Something about them peaked my interst and kept me engaged. Poetry can envoke a feeling, or represent a mood.  It can bring you out of darkness, spark a fire, and inspire creativity.  Two sentances, a paragraph or a few pages, it’s whatever you mood is and where it takes you.

My List of Poetry and Short Stories

the moon will shine for us too

The Moon Will Shine For Us Too

by Jennane Cecelia
The poetry book you may need, if your darkness seems never ending. The Moon Will Shine for Us Too is the sequel toThe Sun Will Rise and So Will We.I find comfort in a full moon in the middle of autumn, the dead of winter, or after a warm summer day.

lullabies book 2


by Lang Leav
Set to a musical theme, love’s poetic journey in this new, original collection begins with a Duet and travels through Interlude and Finale with an Encore popular piece from the best-selling Love & Misadventure. Lang Leav’s evocative poetry speaks to the soul of anyone who is on this journey.

Milk _Honey

Milk and Honey

by Rapi Kaur
Milk and honey’ is a collection of poetry and prose about survival. About the experience of violence, abuse, love, loss, and femininity. It is split into four chapters, and each chapter serves a different purpose. Deals with a different pain. Heals a different heartache. ‘milk and honey’ takes readers through a journey of the most bitter moments in life and finds sweetness

Pillow Thoughts_Peppermill

Pillow Thoughts

by Courtney Peppermill
Pillow Thoughts is a collection of poetry and prose about heartbreak, love, and raw emotions. It is divided into sections to read when you feel you need them most.

There are More Beautiful Things Than Beyonce

There are More Beautiful Things Than Beyoncé

by Morgan Parker
There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyoncé uses political and pop-cultural references as a framework to explore 21st century black American womanhood and its complexities: performance, depression, isolation, exoticism, racism, femininity, and politics. The poems weave between personal narrative and pop-cultural criticism, examining and confronting modern media, consumption, feminism, and Blackness.


Maya Angelou: Poems

by Maya Angelou
Tenderly, joyously, sometimes in sadness,  sometimes in pain, Maya Angelou writes from the heart and  celebrates life as only she has discovered it. In  this moving volume of poetry, we hear the  multi-faceted voice of one of the most powerful and  vibrant writers of our time.

Do you read any poetry?  If so what’s your favorite or what author do you enjoy reading.

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