Learn Something New This Summer!

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Today is Friday, and there is much to think about on this day.  My former boss passed away this week, and while I’m still grieving it’s a thinkable moment.  He wasn’t a great boss but he was the nicest person.  He always thought of me in ways I didn’t imagine, and once he became a Grandad, those babies were the light of his life.

I think a passing always puts things into perspective.  Things that we think are important, that are stupid.  Meetings, presentations, appointments, and calls are all pointless, and it makes me (as always) question everything. I know these tasks keep our lives humming, and because we need to live, and eat, you can’t just stop what you’re doing, but you can refocus your thinking.

Everyone processes death in different ways, I stepped away from work (Wednesday when I got the news) and just cleaned my house.  Yes, it’s crazy but it takes my focus away from what was happening.  I know that we are not here forever, and it’s silly to think that way, but I know when it’s time to stop working, you won’t hear me putting up a fight.  I want time for myself to enjoy everything around me.

With that said … it’s time to learn something new.  Have you thought about taking a quick class this Summer?  If you’re not catching up on reading or taking mini-vacay, then exercise your brain and learn something new.

Take a class on Skillshare!

I’ve found that focusing on other things takes me out of headspace and at the same time I’ve learned a new skill.  I’ve found so many courses on Skillshare that

I can’t wait to take an afternoon and open my mind to something different.

Try a creative writing course

Discover the power of journaling to cultivate confidence, mindfulness, and growth—all are invited to join and begin! (MEMBERSHIP) 
(Yasmine Cheyenne ~ Writer, Speaker, and Self-Healing Advocate)

Put pen to paper and transform your life in just 10 minutes a day with writer and self-healing advocate Yasmine Cheyenne in this welcoming class. Through six meditative writing prompts, you’ll gain tools and frameworks to open your mind, leave judgment behind, and make the most of your writing.

Create Drink Photography

Drink Photography and Splash Shots (MEMBERSHIP)
(Daniela Lambova ~ Food Blogger & Photographer)

This class will teach you how to create beautiful images of drinks and impressive splash shots. You will also learn the easiest way to convert those series of images into stop motion videos.

Learn about plants!

Happy Houseplants: Pick a Perfect Plant | Learn with The Sill (FREE)
(Chris Satch ~ Botanist)

Learn how to pick the perfect houseplant for your home, as well as different aspects of plants and how they differ in different types of light.

REVIEW: This is one of Skillshare’s free classes and it’s a good one, I learned so much about the plants that I have, and possibilities for new plants and the entire class is only about 30 minutes.

Everyday storytelling in photos

Lifestyle Photography: Everyday Storytelling in Photo & Print (FREE)
(Dan Rubin ~ Designer + Travel & Lifestyle Photographer)

This course is about creating a story with photographs.

REVIEW: This is another free 30-minute class from Skillshare.  The instructor made really good points about what to capture and what pictures can help tell a story.  Keeping in mind that you are not just at the event to take pictures,  you are there to enjoy yourself as well.  He also talks about editing and printing options, which I loved.

Learn about interior design

Interior Design Basics: Simple Steps to Your Perfect Space (FREE)
(Lauren Cox ~ Design Program Manager at Havenly)

Discover a fun, simple approach to interior design that proves how easy it can be to transform your home, no matter your style or budget. With interior designer Lauren Cox and Havenly, you’ll discover the four principles used by interior designers to create beautiful spaces every day—then try your hand at using what you’ve learned to style a bookshelf that’s Instagram-ready.

Be productive

Productivity with Evernote: Use One Tool for Everything (FREE)
(Lindsey C. Holmes ~Productivity and Business Consultant)

Learn to use the ultimate productivity tool with Evernote Expert Lindsey Holmes. Whether you’re a solo freelancer looking for one place to handle everything you do or a member of a large corporation looking to solve complex problems with simple solutions, this class will give you tools and techniques to manage every aspect of your work and personal productivity.

I know it can be hard to justify spending money if you’re in a season of savings, but this will also depend on where you make your investment.  I like investing in myself, and I’d rather pay for a class to feed my mind vs buy more stuff that I don’t need.  

Right now get a free trial sign-up membership for $7.00 at Skillshare!

Thanks so much for visiting the blog today.  I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I hope you get a chance to get out and do something fun.  Don’t forget to follow the blog, and subscribe. — Peace —

Header Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash