My Ultimate Summer Playlist … 2021

Hola Gente de fiesta! And welcome to the blog.

How is everyone on this wondrous Wednesday?  It’s that time of year again for my Summer Music Playlist.

For me music always makes me remember different events in my life and Summertime is no different.  Songs I heard the first time like Give It Up, by Marvin Gaye (76), or where I was the first time I heard Summer Madness by Kool and the Gang (74).  Everything circles back around to the music of the time.

Today is all about tapping into your favorite music and remembering what feelings they evoke when you heard it for the first time.   No matter the season you can’t ignore the music; it’s the soundtrack to our lives. Music always has me reminiscing about staying out until the streetlights came on, the ice cream truck, and going to Philly or Baltimore to see my cousins. It was a simpler time with wonderful memories.

My Ultimate Summer Playlist for 2021

My list is currently on Tidal (which is a paid streaming music service), but Spotify, Pandora, and iHeart Radio, and Youtube are some great outlets for music that are free.


This music is a mix of Classic Pop, Jazz, R&B Soul, Alternative, and Bossa Nova Jazz because I enjoy just about every genre.  I’m also including a link to my Tidal playlist because this graphic is only the short-list. 

Do you have a Summer playlist?  What’s your favorite song for the Summer, or what reminds you of a specific time?  Share your favorites down in the comments.  With that I’ll end here —> thanks so much for hanging out with me today.  Don’t forget to “like”, “follow”, or “PIN” this list. — Peace —

You can preview my entire list here on Tidal.

Header Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash