My Dashing Diva Gloss Strips Review!

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Happy Wednesday all.  I hope everyone is doing well mid-week.  Can you believe it’s almost July and how time is flying?  I’m hoping to take advantage of the season with a weekend trip but we still haven’t worked out those details.

Today I’m giving my review of Dashing Diva gloss manicured nail strips.  I haven’t given any type of product review in at least a year, because in all honesty, I haven’t tried anything new.  I’m slow to add new things to my regimen, but I’m so glad I tried it.

That being said, I used my own coins to purchase 3 sets of nails, before I became an affiliate.  I got Turtle Tantrum, Champaign Buff, and Wicked.

First Impression

I love the colors, but I also thought I hope this doesn’t ruin my nails.  The colors are really rich, there are several sizes to fit even my awkward-sized nails.

Easy Application

There is a nifty video on their site that shows you how to apply your nail, but there are also directions in each nail kit (which I appreciate).  You first wash your hands, file down your nails, push back your cuticles, and then size the desired strip to your nail size.  I also used the recommend Red Therapy Base Seal for Gloss, (which prepares the nail for the strip) then I peeled the nail from its backing, applied it to my nail, and pressed it down in all directions as recommend.

Then I filed, (on some nails clipped), the excess nail in a downward motion and that was it!


It’s been about a week and a half, since installation and let me say, that these nails are maintenance-free.  There have been no issues with peeling, as my nails are normally weak, my nail remains intact.  My nails have grown underneath (the 2nd image shows the manicured portion has moved down.  They are only a little ruff at the tips, (which I expected) but I really put them to the test.  They are great in water, I’ve been cleaning using mild-ish cleaning products and they still look good.

I’ll be removing them today, and I’ll update everyone as to the condition of my nails.  I also want to note that when applying these nails my first placement was crooked, and I was able to gently peel back the manicured nail and readjust it.


    • I will point out that lighter or more sheer colors may slightly show your nail underneath, but that didn’t bother me.
    • I placed the nail slightly below my cuticle and not right up against it, (as recommend).  The adhesive can be really harsh on your cuticles.

Price Point

An average manicure (which I love by the way) runs me about $15-$25 depending on the services I get.  However because I still have chores and other work to do, I can only get about 1 good week out of them before my nails look worn.  I should also point out that gels would last longer, but they are more expensive.  Each Dashing Diva set costs between $8-$10 dollars, ($25 for a gift set) which is very reasonable, and I still have enough left to use this combination again.


With so many colors and style choices, you can mix and match these nails to whatever you like. I can’t wait to use my Turtle Tantrum set, but I also have several more in my “Wish List”.  Dashing Diva also has press-on-tips, nail protectants, and accessories.  The gloss nails also have sizes for your toenails as well, so you can create your own classic look.

And Then…

Dashing Diva NailsI prepared this post the day before and decided to take the nails off later in the evening.  I’m really impressed with my nails underneath.  NO DAMAGE!  Just remember to peel them back really slowly, and I put on vitamin E oil after I removed them.

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Header photo … Dashing Diva
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