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My Daughters Bedroom Style

Hello Friends and welcome to the blog today.

I knew this post was coming as soon as I laid out a plan for my bedroom.  Actually, my daughter has been asking for help with styling, and storage for her room, as we share a small space.

With the upcoming move, it will be more important than ever for her to have a cohesive space to rest, work, and exercise.  Today I’m laying out a cohesive decor plan for her bedroom.


Color and Style

My daughter loves, a little glam in blushes, and golds.  I’m not sure about paint but I think a wall decal would work best for her space and it’s less permanent.

Source: White Corner Designs + shopSAMANTHASANTANA

Updating Furniture

My daughter’s furniture is semi-new, so she doesn’t need a ton of things but an update would really do the trick.  Her IKEA Hemnes dresser just needs some new drawer pulls.  She has a new bed but no headboard so something tufted in a light color is really her style.

We also need a bedside table, stylish mirror, and possibly a bench, for some added storage.  (If we have room). The space is not huge so we want to maximize it and make it as functional as possible.

Layering Rugs

Layering rugs always brings in some texture and color to a space that would otherwise be plain.  I find that rugs are a great way to protect the carpet, and cut down on having to shampoo it often.  Since this is a rental is a great hack to protecting high-traffic areas.

Bedroom _ Studio L
Bedroom Studio L
Bedroom_2 Studio L
Bedroom_Studio L

Storage Solutions

This time around B will have a larger closet and it’s big enough for some small shoe storage and some baskets, so she won’t have to set things in the middle of the floor.

These popular utility carts sold at Micheals, Target, IKEA and most big-box stores. Utility carts are a great little solution to help coral items in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or craft space.

Credit MommyHooding Blog

Other Decorative Elements

Once we have the rugs, some lamps, storage, and everything functional we can add some artwork, wall hooks (for sweaters), and curtains to pull everything together.  I’m loving Desinio’s prints.  You can find every type of print with thousands of options for color and style as well as your desired frame.

Fashion Pattern No.2 & Blush Sun

I know “B” will be happy when she reads this post because she’s been asking me for a room design for close to a year. I hope this will give her some guidance because everyone wants a nice space to call their own.

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Header Photo by Stella Dimitrova on Unsplash