My 5 Keys To A Healthy Lifestyle

Hello Friends and welcome to the blog today.

Today I’m sharing 5 keys to a healthier lifestyle.  Let’s be real … no one is aging backward, and now more than ever we need to take care of our bodies and our well-being.


Since I’m older these five simple keys help me to live a better quality of life.  They also help to reduce some of my stress during the time of COVID.

That High Quality H20

This one is pretty simple and it’s no secret that a sufficient amount of water every day is excellent for your health.  It’s great for your skin, keeps you hydrated and you can infuse your water with fruit, cucumber, or mint.

I don’t get the appropriate amount by any means, but I’m working on it.  According to Health Line, it’s the best option for people with diabetes because it won’t raise your blood sugar.  Drinking enough water can help your body eliminate excess glucose through urine.


It’s interesting how much you learn about sleep once you get older.  When you’re young you can burn the candle at both ends.  Getting by with just a few hours is all you need, but that catches up with you.

I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to get at least 7 hours of sleep at least 4 nights per week.

According to 10 Faq Health, sleep improves your blood circulation, helps to regulate your appetite, improves memory, and can gives you increased energy.  So remember to turn off all screens, and don’t drink any water at least an hour before bedtime to help improve your nights’ sleep.

Yoga and Meditation

Good Objects Meditation IllustationsTaking just 10-15 minutes a day to quiet your mind or do some simple yoga stretches can do wonders for the body. Yoga is a great anti-aging tool.

When we meditate, we inject far-reaching and long-lasting benefits into our lives: We lower our stress levels, we get to know our pain, we connect better, we improve our focus, and we’re kinder to ourselves (Source Mindful)

Yoga can help you strengthen your bones, give you enhanced mobility, flexibility and alieve your aches and pains. Yoga and exercise in general can help you maintain muscle mass. (Source Yoga Journal) I struggle with stiffness in my joints and yoga is the one thing that’s helped me to ease joint pain, give me more endurance, and become more flexible.

Some great resources are Mindful, The Yoga Journal, Headspace, Calm App, Women’s Health Magazine.

Eating Clean

The benefits of eating clean can do wonders for your body.  When you eliminate processed foods, your cutting out all the junk added.  You can also control the salt, and fat that goes into your meals.

According to The Mayo Clinic clean foods fill your body with plentiful vitamins and minerals, high-quality protein, and healthy fats, which improve heart and brain health. Assist with weight management, build a stronger immune system and increase energy levels, among other benefits. (Source Mayo Clinic)

I started eating clean in 2015 when I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.  It was the first suggestion that I received from my doctor and nutritionist.  Granted I do have the occasional candy bar, and I can’t omit deli meats, cheese, or crackers.  I am proud that I haven’t had any microwaved or packaged meals in 6 years, and my body is better for it.

Be Kind

It’s such a simple act but means so much to be kind to people.  With everything that’s going on in our climate you don’t know what people are going through.  Just the simple act of “Good Morning”, or “I appreciate you” can go a long way when folks are going through something.

Did you know that being kind to others can increase your energy, reduce your anxiety, lower your blood pressure, and boost your immune system according to  

Being kind doesn’t cost anything and it works better than any anti-depressant.  Your kind act can inspire others and can spread like wildfire.  Being kind can give you a sense of worth and purpose.

I hope these 5 simple things can help you on your journey to better living. Thanks so much for visiting the blog today.  Don’t forget to subscribe or follow the blog. — Peace —

Header Photo by Logan Nolin on Unsplash