Moving & Storage Ideas for a Stress-Free Transition

Hello Friends and welcome to the blog today!

I hope everyone is doing well this Friday, and I hope you haven’t worked too hard this week.  Today I’m talking about some moving and storage ideas for small spaces.

I hope everyone is doing well this Friday, and I hope you haven’t worked too hard this week.  Today I’m talking about some moving and storage ideas for small spaces.


So yes, I’m moving again, and last year I said to myself …

“Self, this move is going to be easy it’s only up a few floors”.

Well, it wasn’t easy or hard just tedious so again I’m trying to tackle this thing in the best way possible.

I’ve only been unpacked for one year, and yes it’s a hassle to purge and pack (again) but it can be done. I’m having all my furniture moved by a company (that won’t break the bank), but all my smaller that need to be handled with care I will move.

Here are a few things that I’ve found work well when you’re packing.

The Box Debate

I know everyone says boxes are free, but not really. Since I don’t have storage options, I don’t keep boxes because that’s causes clutter.

I can’t get to the big box stores for free boxes, and I’ve found them flimsy and hard to lift. Last year I got 65% of my boxes from work but that’s not an option so I have to buy them.

I love Bakers and Home Depot boxes and here’s why;

1. Variety of sizes
2. Easy to assemble
3. Handles that make them easier to lift, and
4. They stack perfectly

With that in mind, I know it’s easy to put all your heavy stuff in one big box, but looks can be deceiving. If a moving company is taking it fine, but if your lifting this box your back will curse you later.

I’ve found it easier to put heavy things like books in smaller boxes. I’d rather lift a small heavy box than a large heavy box. Sounds crazy but trust me your back will thank you.

Plastic Storage Containers

I love these because you can see what you have (if it’s clear) and you can get so much into one container with this option.

The drawback is that these containers can get really heavy so it’s probably best to let someone else do the lifting. Containers are also on sale everywhere now because January is the time to organize, purge and get your house in order so you can always find a good deal.

The other drawback (a small one) is that they take up space unless you have a really big closet, basement, or attic space to store them in.  I still love them so I will use just a few.

Clothes & Linens

Clothes and linens are always those things that are packed last, and if you have to use a plastic bag so be it, but there are a few other options.  Spaces bags work well to for your comforters, blankets, and bulky items.

Old suitcases also work for clothing and are very easy to distinguish amongst your other items. It’s easy to direct anyone that’s helping you to put all the suitcases in the bedroom.

The In-Between

Bubble wrap and wrapping paper for dishes can be costly but it’s a necessary evil.  Sometimes I drop things or they land hard, (however, you want to put that…LOL) so it’s nice to have some option.

But another option is using old linens and t-shirts to pack your breakables. They work just as well and when your done you can wash, fold and put them right back into place.

Carry Me

So now you’re packed up you gotta haul it all.  Again I’m not talking about what the movers take and if they handle everything … EXCELLENT but I’m hoping to cut down on some cost by moving some things myself.

A great way to do this is with a garden cart, dolly, or small hand-truck.

Last year I borrowed the garden cart that I used at work (I still have it by the way) and purchased a dolly cart.  The one I purchased worked at first but the wheels were small and it kept getting hung up on the elevator track.

So if your going to get a dolly cart make sure you get one that’s wide enough to handle your load capacity, with really large wheels to clear door and elevator entries.

It’s Gotta Go Somewhere

This is the problem that we’ve had in every place we’ve lived … STORAGE!  There are never enough places to put anything, and dangit, I’m not purging any more things. LOL

No one want’s to waste money but if you have to spend it, a small storage unit might be a great solution to put away seasonal things that you only use once or twice a year.

I’ve definitely given this some thought and if my place has limited I will use this option and save myself the stress of busting at the seams.

Some options are:

Cube Smart Storage
Public Storage
Self Storage

I think I’ve covered some of the basics of packing and moving, but there are so many more tips and hacks online which I’ll link here to help with a stress-free move.

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Have a great weekend my friends. — peace —

Header Photo by Karolina Grabowska from PexelsIllustrations, Adobe Stock, Etsy