A Boost From My Biggest Cheerleader

Hello Friends and welcome to the blog today. 

I know that Tuesday is not my normal day to post but in observance of MLK Day, I wanted to be still, be quiet, and refresh my mind, body, and spirit.

How is everyone doing on this January day?  I hope everyone is well, and that you are all taking care of your spirits and staying positive.  I like to remember that through everything that’s happening that God is bigger than all of this.

That’s who I put my trust in because I know that He walks with me, and through any crisis, drama, or big decision His word always carries me through.


Today I’m talking about my ultimate fan.  My biggest cheerleader.  Yes, this post is dedicated to “B” (my daughter).

Typically when I have a heart-to-heart with my blog family I will mention “B” but I don’t think I’ve ever gone much further than that.

On Being a Mom

Me & B

My one job aside from being a good person was to be a good Mom.  I just wanted to raise this little person to be a good individual, and instill some of my values as well.

If you’re a parent you all have hopes and dream for your children but you don’t want to pass your dreams off as theirs.  You want to be able to think for themselves and make decisions on their own and learn from their mistakes. You carry that burden even when your kids are adults.

Well my adult, “B” has always been my biggest cheerleader.  It’s always been us against all odds.  When I decided to go back to college, it was “B” that told me I can do it.  It was a determination and a feeling that I didn’t want to let her down that I carried with me.  I also wanted to show her perseverance in situations that are harder than you can imagine.

But somehow you get through it, and you press on, and at some point, you get busy living.

When My Motivation Slipped

Every year (since 2017) I flip back and forth on whether or not to continue blogging.  I don’t do it for money, I don’t do it for thousands of followers but more so for me.

However, it gets harder to stay motivated and keep a blog going in a climate where things are constantly changing.  I didn’t have my mind made up, but I gave myself a timeframe last year, and at that point, I decided (sorta) to turn the light off on LifebyWyetha.

It was fun, allowed me to show my creative side, and connect with like-minded individuals.  However blogging also takes time, patience, and some instances money.  So I weighed the pros and cons of stopping.

Blogging is like stock-pot.  You have to tend to it, you have to maintain it and you’re constantly challenged to come up with new and fresh ideas not only to challenge yourself but to help others who come to read your post everyday.

From my Cheerleader


I was losing my mojo as so many things were happening around me and I just didn’t think that I would be blogging after January 2021.  But in December (for Christmas) my daughter showed me how proud she was of me and my blog and crafted a bloggers gift set that really brought me to tears.

She gifted me with journals, planners, stickers, good pencils for writing, an Affiliate course, backdrops for cell phone photos, and a gift card to pay for my domain costs.  It was just the most thoughtful thing anyone could have done.

It basically (with no words) said, I’m so proud of you, and here is something keep the ideas fresh and flowing.

What Happens Now

So for now I will continue this blog, to see where it takes me.  I will continue with my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule with the exception of vacations, and holidays.  I may change the flow of how I write, and I’ve already updated the site with a fresh clean look.

This means I will ride this thang till wheels come off.

Thank you for hanging with me today, thank you for listening and most of all thank you for being patient.  I wish good blessings to anyone that reads this post, and I always end with — Know Thyself.


Header Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels