Monday Chat: A Halloween Hangover Monday and a Look Back at October

Hello Friends and welcome to the blog today.  Today I’m doing a look back at the month of October and the upcoming Season.

How is everyone doing on this chilly Monday?  It’s in the 40s here in Virginia and yes … can you believe November is here?  I wanted to do my “life-cast” today, but time slipped away and I had no time to record. I feel like October went by in a flash of candy and pumpkin spice.  So I’m hoping that November will slow down for me.

So how did I get through posting every day in October?  Planning, scheduling, and lots of wine. (LOL) Ok only a little wine, but I did so much planning and scheduling posts ahead of time which allowed me to stay on top of things.

The most tedious part of blogging is adding the links, headers, footers, captions, images…ya know … all that fun stuff.  Honestly, if I didn’t love this I wouldn’t be here. (Numbers be damned! LOL) So again, if you missed it click on the archive for the 31 Days of Halloween for all the October fun.

About October

October was all about posting the fun things that I like for Halloween and the season, so there were several movie lists, top 10s, Would You Rather, games and food.  I did manage to take a few pictures this year because I don’t know what happened to 2019s photos.

What Else is Happening?

Poshmark Store

The store is doing well, but there are times when I think … “ok is this just a part-time hustle, or is this a forever thing”.  Currently, I’ve already sold the decor in my home that I wanted to purge.

Now the money that I made from those sales was put back into the shop for some personalized thank you cards and more inventory.  I’m not looking to make “a killing” so to speak but there will be a point when I close the shop.  Right now it’s doing well and I’m sticking with it.

House Shopping

Yes, I’m still “shopping” or looking.  I’ve seen so many things that I can envision myself in but that dream fades and reality sets in.  This is because they are either over my price-point or the homeowners/condo fees are ridiculous.  When I planned my “new” home budget I factored in these fees so they have to meet a certain mark to make it affordable.

In the meantime, I’m saving as much money as I can, and not making any big purchases or consolidating any credit cards as these are all seen as no-nos.  I know I will find a home I just have to be diligent but patient.

Winter Outlook

I’m excited about the holidays (Thanksgiving & Christmas) but as the years go on and my daughter gets older I don’t do a ton of shopping.  We’ve learned to enjoy the holidays with family and friends vs. shopping.

It will be harder this year due to COVID because I can’t see my Mom and Dad, or stop by and visit friends as I would like.  I know this time has taken a toll on everyone, but I know there will be a point where it gets better.  I just have to pray for a better 2021.

Well, I will end here.  Thanks so much for hanging with me today.  I can’t wait to share my November plans on the blog in some upcoming posts.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss the fun. I’ll see you back here on Wednesday. — Know Thyself —

LBW_LateFall XOX