31 Days of Halloween

31 Days of Halloween: Day #31 … “Woman on the Mountain Ridge”

My Scary-Story-Thon has come to an end, and I’ve had such fun.  I hope you enjoyed all the scary tales today.

If you missed anything in this series make sure to click the link for the 31 Days of Halloween Archive to catch on all the October fun.  I can’t believe how this month flew by in a blur of candy, and pumpkin spice. (LOL)


So on with the last scary story night.   Story #6 is called … “Woman on the Mountain Ridge” by Sally Painter

A couple of hikers got lost in the woods and saw a woman dressed in black along the ridgeline. She appeared to be holding an open book. They surmised she must live nearby and decided to climb the ridge to seek her help in getting out of the forest.

The hikers watched her pacing back and forth along the ridge as they continued to climb and climb. They called out to her, however, the woman didn’t respond. By now an hour had passed, and they were still climbing. No matter how long they climbed, they couldn’t reach her.

Finally, they gave up and decided to climb back down the mountain. They began their descent, but the more they climbed downward, the farther away the bottom of the mountain seemed. As a result … They were trapped!

The hikers panicked and tried to flee. One hiker fell and as he struggled to his feet, he discovered limbs and skeletons underneath the leaves. The hikers screamed in terror, realizing they were just the latest victims of the ghost woman dressed in black.

In conclusion, if you see a woman dressed in black, holding a book along a mountaintop, turn around and run for your life, or the mountain will entrap you and bind you to the ridge to keep the woman imprisoned forever.

— End —

Thanks much for hanging with me … ALL MONTH LONG.  I have more things to come for November, so be sure to subscribe to the blog for all the festivities. … Peace…

Happy Halloween!

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