Happy Labor Day!

Hello everyone and Happy Labor.  I’m glad you found your way here today…and I hope you consider subscribing.

No No … it’s not an illusion, LOL.  I’m still enjoying my time off but it’s a true testament to me loving my blog and checking in to wish everyone a Happy Labor Day.

I know the world has been turned upside down but I hope able to relax and have a good day … safely.  Today is special.  Not just because its a “paid” holiday but because it’s the Mighty B’s Day.

Happy Birthday My Darling!

It’s my daughter that gives me the strength to get through difficult times, and persevere.  Everything I’ve done in her lifetime is to show her that through everything crappy, through life’s disappointments we can come out clean.


So this is for you my darling Bianca … I love you.  I know this year has thrown us for a loop and we’re still going through it, but we have so much to do … remember our new house is just over the horizon.

Thanks so much for visiting the blog today.  I’ll have more posts for the fall season coming soon.  Have a great holiday, and stay safe amongst the chaos. — Peace —